Field of Glory: Kingdoms to be released this June

field-of-glory-kingdomsSlitherine has announced that Field of Glory: Kingdoms will be released this June.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms is the new game from award-winning studio AGEOD, makers of some of the best grand strategy games of all times. It is set in 1054, just after the Great Schism, and it encompasses more than two centuries of epic European, African, and Middle Eastern history.

Kingdoms continues and expands the concept of national traits, just like its predecessor Empires did, but significantly broadens it both in number and diversity. The assumption here is that certain nations (or often groups of nations with the same culture) had specific traditions or approaches that cannot be covered by general rules applicable to everyone. Thus, it represents a blend of pragmatism and humility, recognizing that a game cannot replicate the entire complexity of the real world, and therefore, abstractions and simplifications are necessary.

Find out more about Field of Glory: Kingdoms from this press release.