Action Shooter “Over the Top: WWI” Joins Steam Next Fest with Exclusive Demo and New Gameplay Trailer

over-the-top-wwiFlying Squirrel, the developer behind the innovative multiplayer shooter title “Battle Cry of Freedom,” is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, set to take place from June 10 to June 17. Ahead of this exciting event, Flying Squirrel has unleashed today an exclusive demo for their highly anticipated title, “Over the Top: WWI,” inviting players to experience and re-enact the brutal and historically detailed battles of World War I in real-time.

Building upon “Battle Cry of Freedom”, “Over the Top: WWI” represents Flying Squirrel’s commitment to delivering innovative gameplay blending various game modes to offer a slew of possibilities for fans of shooter and war games alike. The sequel expands upon the studio’s first foray into the PC gaming market, promising even more intense action, strategic depth, historical accuracy and a brand new single player mode. In the game, everything is destructible, even the terrain, leading to intense and dynamic battles.

Step onto the front lines and claim every weapon and vehicle in sight as your own. Whether you choose to confront the Germans head-on or overpower the British resistance, the choice is yours. Arm yourself with a diverse arsenal, including rifles, artillery, and even tanks, as you navigate the mud-soaked battlefields of the Great War. Will you face the enemy alone in singleplayer or lead a powerful army into the fray in the included multiplayer mode? Switch between first and third person perspective on the fly. The decision is yours to make on these historic battlegrounds.

The demo will offer players a gripping snapshot into the heart-pounding gameplay and innovative features that define “Over the Top WWI.” Players will have the opportunity to engage in visceral combat, command troops, and witness the true horrors and heroism of World War I.

In conjunction with the demo release, Flying Squirrel Entertainment is also unveiling an exhilarating gameplay trailer, showcasing intense and brutal encounters that await players in the demo. This trailer promises to provide a captivating preview of the immersive experience that “Over the Top: WWI” has in store.

Watch “Over the Top: WWI” Steam Next Fest Trailer HERE.

Prepare to dive into the trenches and feel the intensity of warfare like never before. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience the demo of “Over the Top: WWI” now and during Steam Next Fest until June 17.

Over the Top: WWI is scheduled for release in 2024 for PC on Steam.