Wolves at War – Tannenberg Historical Event!

tannenberg-1914-1918The Wolf Truce returns – will you call a truce, or revel in the chaos?

A special historical event for WW1 shooter Tannenberg sees wolf packs join the fray!

When packs of hungry wolves invade your battlefield, how do you react? That’s the question Tannenberg’s limited time Wolf Truce event poses to players. Inspired by historical reports, the event will run until December 3rd. If wolves attack, players will be able to call a temporary truce to deal with them, or try and take advantage of the chaos as a third party joins the fray.

Check out the Wolf Truce trailer HERE.

Tannenberg Wolf Truce
Wolves are hunting human prey in the Wolf Truce event, which will run from November 26 until December 3. During regular Maneuver battles, players must be prepared for the chance of a pack of wolves invading their battlefield and throwing the frontlines into chaos. When this happens, players will have the chance to call a temporary truce and work together to fight off the wolves… if they can restrain themselves from attacking the enemy. The truce is not enforced by the game, and one careless shot or gung-ho soldier can break the fragile ceasefire.

Players who do manage to survive a wolf attack while maintaining the truce will get a special in-game medal! The event is inspired by historical texts which describe the dangers wolves could pose on the enormous Eastern Front. Russia had a substantial wolf population which was displaced by fighting, with consequences for soldiers and civilians alike. This is the second time the Wolf Truce is running, and a number of tweaks have improved how wolves enter the battlefield and track players, as well as making the UI more clear.

Historical Wolf Truce
It might seem outlandish, but the event is based on historical records. The report which has generated most attention and which comes up most often on the internet is this New York Times article, which describes an extraordinary truce to fight wolves – wolves so numerous and fearsome that machine guns and poison gas barely phased them! Of course wolves also appear in more local records – one Russian book (roughly translated as The History of Russia in Faces: Book Two) mentions a ceasefire to exterminate wolves, and talks about how dangerous displaced wolves could be to civilians. The presence of wolves during the Wolf Truce gives players a chance to make their own decision about whether to pause the battle to fight the wolves, or to press on with the threat of canine ambush all around.

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