NVIDIA Releases GeForce 390.77 Game Ready Drivers

nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA has released the latest update to its GeForce software. Version 390.77 WHQL drivers come game-ready for four of the week’s hottest game releases, including “Metal Gear Survive,” “Black Desert Online,” “Kingdom Come: Deliverance,” and “War Thunder.” It adds or updates SLI profiles for “DiRT 4,” “Hot Lava,” “Metal Gear Survive,” and ” Ode.” The drivers address several issues specific to Windows 10, such as display corruption/blanking when, for example, multiple displays are connected to a GTX 780 Ti SLI setup; G-Sync displays connected to TITAN V with its memory being overclocked; or a BSOD crash when “Gears of War 4″ on GeForce 10-series GPUs.

You can download the new GeForce 390.77 WHQL Game Ready Graphics Drivers from GeForce Experience and GeForce.com.