Tannenberg Gets Free Ukraine Map

tannenberg-1914-1918New map for Tannenberg features the ‘breadbasket of the empire’!

A new map is live now for WW1 Eastern Front shooter Tannenberg!

Join the battle across the border in the Ukraine!

Ukraine was not yet an independent nation at the time of the First World War. Instead the territory was split between the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ukrainians fought on both sides in the conflict, with 3,500,000 fighting for Russia and 250,000 for Austria-Hungary. A great cost was paid by the civilian population, who were distrusted by both Russia and Austria-Hungary and often became victims of harsh reprisals for opposition real or imagined.

M2H co-founder Matt Hergaarden said: “We’re pleased to release a free new battlefield for all Tannenberg players today! The Ukraine map is inspired by a key section of the Eastern Front which saw heavy fighting during the Brusilov Offensive, Kerensky Offensive, and major counter-attacks by the Central Powers. Our mappers did a great job turning the reference material into a playable map while keeping the authentic historical feel of the location.

In Tannenberg, Ukraine is an open map, with good sight lines for heavy machine guns. Between the lines of trenches and barbed wire are areas of limited cover. NCO smoke barrages and the recently added smoke grenades are highly recommended when assaulting across such exposed terrain!

Watch the trailer and get a look at the trenches and gun pits of the new Ukraine map!

Tannenberg is available on Steam!