Royal Navy’s Finest: British Ship Classes of World War II Set to Debut in Victory At Sea Atlantic

victory-at-sea-atlanticEvil Twin Artworks is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of naval firepower in our upcoming release, Victory At Sea Atlantic. In this highly-anticipated World War II naval warfare game, players will have the opportunity to command some of the most iconic and historically significant British ship classes from the era.

The Powerhouses of the Royal Navy

Victory At Sea Atlantic brings to life the naval theater of World War II, and at the heart of the action are the mighty British ship classes that played pivotal roles during this historic period.

County Class: The County-class heavy cruisers, known for their versatility and powerful armament, will be at your disposal. These ships served with distinction, and players will have the chance to command vessels like HMS London.

Queen Elizabeth Class: The Queen Elizabeth-class battleships, armed with formidable 15-inch guns, will be a cornerstone of your fleet. These battleships, including HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Warspite.

Ark Royal Class: The Ark Royal-class aircraft carriers, including the iconic HMS Ark Royal, provided crucial air support during key naval battles. Players will have the opportunity to utilize these carriers for air operations, much like the Ark Royal’s involvement in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck.

Flower Class: Small yet vital, the Flower-class corvettes escorted convoys across the Atlantic, protecting them from U-boat attacks. These nimble vessels, with their distinctive “flower” names, played a significant role in safeguarding vital supplies.

Hood Class: The Hood-class battlecruisers, epitomized by the renowned HMS Hood, were symbols of British naval might. Players will relive the history of these mighty vessels and perhaps even the fateful encounter with the German battleship Bismarck.

Hunt Class: The Hunt-class destroyers, known for their speed and maneuverability, served as effective escorts for convoys and played a significant role in the Battle of the Atlantic.

J Class: The J-class destroyers, like the HMS Javelin, were versatile vessels serving in various roles, including anti-submarine warfare and escort duties.

King George V Class: The King George V-class battleships, featuring the impressive 14-inch guns, were among the most potent battleships in the Royal Navy. Players will have the honor of commanding vessels like HMS King George V, instrumental in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck.

Town Class: Town-class light cruisers, such as the HMS Belfast, were known for their speed and firepower. These cruisers served in various theaters, earning a reputation for their versatility.

Ruler Class: The Ruler-class escort carriers, exemplified by the HMS Activity, were essential in providing air cover for convoys, countering U-boat threats, and protecting vital supply lines.

York Class: The York-class heavy cruisers, typified by the HMS York, were formidable vessels with powerful armaments. Their service spanned various theaters, including the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Victory At Sea Atlantic offers players an immersive experience where they can command these iconic British ship classes, each with its own rich history. The game faithfully recreates the challenges and triumphs of naval warfare during World War II, allowing players to make history on the high seas.

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