Operation Skull Rain Now Live for Rainbow Six: Siege

rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: UbiBlog

The third major content update for Rainbow Six: Siege is now available, bringing with it two new Operators from Brazil’s elite BOPE – Caveira and Capitão – as well as a highly destructible new map set in a Brazilian favela. Operation Skull Rain also introduces a Tactical Realism mode aimed at veteran players, which strips away nearly all of the HUD elements and pushes teammates to stay in constant communication.

As with previous updates, the map is free to all Rainbow Six: Siege players, while the new Operators are available immediately to Season Pass holders, who have exclusive access to them for seven days. For their part, the new Operators bring potentially game-changing new abilities to bear on the action, with Capitão packing an asphyxiating, oxygen-burning crossbow and Caveira able to move silently and interrogate enemies to reveal opposing players on the map. Rounding out the package are a new angled grip attachment that speeds up switching between hip fire and ADS, and a surrender system that lets your team vote to forfeit a match if things aren’t going your way before the third round.

Operation Skull Rain is available now as an update for Rainbow Six: Siege on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Watch the official release trailer here.

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