Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa – Launch Trailer

decisive-campaigns-barbarossa22 June 1941. The German-Soviet border. The signal to unleash Operation Barbarossa has been given!

Strong Panzer groups break through the Red Army lines. Ambitious generals like Guderian and Hoth push their mechanized forces to their limits.

Initial resistance by a confused and surprised Red Army seems weak… and the Soviets take massive casualties.

But soon the realities of war on the Eastern Front will become clear.

Play as the Germans and experience the chain of command from the inside. Fend off the demands of your superiors and corral your strong-headed subordinates into working together as a coordinated team. Politics and people and are just as important as the sweeping advances conducted by your Panzer Divisions.

Take the side of the Russians and be prepared to ruthlessly execute a ferocious defense. Overcome the (largely self-inflicted) limitations of the Red Army. Make the required sacrifices and ensure that examples are made of those who fail to rise to the occasion. While General Mud may save Moscow you’re there to see that back-to-the-wall fortitude and tenacity carries the day. You’ll shoot anyone who says otherwise!

Whether you assume command of the Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH) or the entire Red Army… you will discover the Eastern Front as you have never seen it before!

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