Creating Bangs and Whimpers in World of Warships

worldofwarships-logoDeveloper Diary 10 explores the game’s soundscape

Hundreds of carefully crafted sounds constitute the vast and varied audio of World of Warships. The latest installment of Developer Diaries invites players behind the scenes to discover how the soundtrack for World of Warships was created in the St. Petersburg studio.

This massive undertaking began when the game was still in development. From every shell fired, ship damaged, and wave broken, the team has worked diligently to create a cinema-grade soundscape that narrates a player’s battlefield journey.

Explore the most difficult and exciting aspects of sound design for World of Warships: getting the deafening salvos and angry reports of gunfire just right, forming a ship’s “sound passport”—consisting of dozens of unique clips—and recreating a tangible atmosphere of naval combat. Learn how the audio design adjusts and adapts depending on where the player is in relation to their surroundings and changes when going from first-person to third-person to create a real sense of warfare.

Follow the Audio Team in their quest to build the musical score that engages the player and ratchets up the tension during key moments of battle.

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