Escape from Tarkov Gameplay Video Released

escape-from-tarkov-logoBattlestate Games, a Russian game development studio, has revealed the first gameplay video of Escape from Tarkov, the hardcore online shooter with RPG features.

Two private military companies, USEC and BEAR, clashed in conflict on the streets of a Russian city, forcing the local civilian population to flee. However, anarchy and lawlessness stroke a chord with some people, who are now called Savages around these parts. They flock into packs and fight for territories and resources on par with professional soldiers.

Shots and screams are incessant sounds hanging in the air, and tossed grenades are referred to as a “present”. Harsh reality is abound in the game – one hit, and your character may be killed right away or bleed to death.

Follow the news and sign up for beta at the official Escape from Tarkov website.