Month: August 2015

nvidia-geforce-gtx950NVIDIA has launched its new GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Card. The $159.99 priced Geforce GTX 950 is based on the same second generation Maxwell GPU as the Geforce GTX 960, the GM206. The new Geforce GTX 950 is mostly meant for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gamers. We have collected a large number of reviews and we’ve posted the links to them below for your convenience.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: Ubiblog

Whether it’s been through playtests in our studios, the closed alpha, or recent hands-on demos at events like E3 or Gamescom, player feedback has been essential to the development of Rainbow Six: Siege. Getting the game in people’s hands and listening to what they have to say helps us understand how we can improve their experience, and we’d like to thank everyone who’s taken part in the process so far.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to push the release date of Rainbow Six: Siege to December 1, 2015 for all regions. This wasn’t an easy decision, but based on the feedback we’ve received, and based on our own internal tests, we felt there are adjustments and improvements we can make, including improving the co-op experience across all game modes, weapon and gadget balancing, as well as menu and interface navigation. We’re taking a little more time to make these changes, and we think it’s the right call.

The closed beta for Rainbow Six: Siege will still start on September 24, 2015 as planned, and the additional time will allow us to further test things like infrastructure and matchmaking. That extra testing and added polish will make for a higher-quality experience at launch.

We understand that many of you are excited to get your hands on the final game, but as gamers ourselves we know that quality comes first and we are committed to delivering the best game possible.

Bringing Rainbow Six: Siege to life continues to be an incredible experience, and we’d like to thank all fans for your feedback, support, and unwavering enthusiasm. We couldn’t make the game without you. We hope you’re all excited for the upcoming closed beta on September 24.

company-of-heroes-2-the-british-forces-logoRelic Entertainment has released the second developer diary for Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces, the recently announced World War II standalone RTS expansion. In part two of the “From History To Gameplay” developer diary, Lead Game Designer Quinn Duffy dives into the core gameplay of The British Forces, new features, and how the British army is represented. Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces will be out on September 3.

Get more info about Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces at the games official website.

m4-tank-brigade-logoClassic sim to be updated monthly based on player feedback

iEntertainment Network Inc. is proud to announce that M4 Tank Brigade Classic is now available on Steam Early Access.

M4 Tank Brigade, a World War II tank simulation for Windows PCs, is the only game on Steam to focus exclusively on commanding multiple WWII armored vehicles in real time, with combat that takes place on 3D battlefields spread over hundreds of square miles. Tank commanders control their own platoon (four tanks) and up to a full battlegroup of 20 armored vehicles – coordinating both air and artillery support. In a split second, players can jump into any vehicle in their command net to turn the tide of battle!

The M4 Tank Brigade Steam package includes thousands of single-player missions and free massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat for up to 300 tankers in the same battle. Both single-player and multiplayer modes will be updated on a monthly basis with new features and functions based on player feedback and suggestions from the M4 Tank Brigade Steam Community.

In order to include the updated version improvements in the same package as the classic game, IENT is leveraging Steam Early Access so that M4 Tank Brigade can be continuously updated. The Steam package includes the popular, finished “classic” version that has been played online and offline for years. The first new features for M4 Tank Brigade are expected in September 2015.

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cooler-master-mastercase-5By Chad Sebring @ TweakTown

Today Cooler Master launches its MasterCase 5 computer case with its FreeForm modular system which allows for customization, adjustments, and upgrades. The version of the chassis we are going to see today is the MasterCase 5, the lesser of the three models, but that does not mean this chassis is lacking in any way. Adding a few drive bays and SSD trays, a top cover and water cooling bracket, and even adding in the windowed side panel will give you what they are calling the MasterCase Pro 5. In the literature we were given, it also appears they may offer a third version called the MasterCase Maker 5, as this whole endeavor is based on the Maker Spirit to begin with. In this version, we are seeing a solid front panel, and with an early Q4 2015 release date in mind, other options in that design could very well be changing as this is being typed. Even with the more modest design of the MasterCase 5 mid-tower chassis that we are about to see, it is easy to appreciate what has been done, and where the idea is going.

Read The Review Here

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cooler-master-mastercase-5-proBy Matthew Lambert @ Bit-Tech

At Computex 2015, Cooler Master launched its Make It Yours concept and a design ethos termed The Maker Spirit, which together formed a company-wide approach to future products that would be upgradeable and customisable and which drew on its experience in the PC modding scene. That concept becomes a reality today with the launch of the MasterCase series. The MasterCase products utilise the new FreeForm modular system, inspired by the MasterConcept case that was developed with the help of world-renowned modders. Let’s look at the MasterCase Pro 5.

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call-of-duty-black-ops-3-logoThe start of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer beta is quickly approaching. As fans gear up to head into battle starting next week on PS4, Treyarch and Activision have released new information regarding the content that will be available in the beta, including maps, modes, Specialists and more. For a detailed breakdown, please visit

The beta will begin on 19th August for PlayStation 4 owners and on 26th August for Xbox One and PC owners. Look for more information to be released throughout this week.

Follow us for the latest intel at the Call of Duty website.

pike-and-shot-campaigns-box“The Lord God is my Armour!” – Gustavus Adolphus, refusing the steel body armour offered by his aides, 16th September 1632.

Since the beginning of the Italian Wars in 1494, Europe has been turned into an endless killing ground. Armies are raised one after another, sooner or later involving all the powers and kingdoms of the Old Continent in the conflicts. This is a time of cruelty and great military innovations. This is the era of the birth of Modern States and the definitive death of the Middle Ages.

This is the Iron Century!

Pike and Shot: Campaigns is released! The latest and comprehensive title in the Pike and Shot franchise is finally out!

Challenge yourself with 4 historical campaigns, including the eruption of Gustavus Adolphus’s innovative army into the Thirty Years War, the rise of the famous Roundheads during the English Civil War, and the great 1683 siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire, or choose your troops from 21 new skirmish army lists and lead them into furious battles across the Europe!

Your destiny awaits! Grab the game here!

If you wish to learn more about the game, be sure to visit the official Pike & Shot: Campaigns website.