Scramble: Battle of Britain – Flight School, Episode #4 Released

scramble-battle-of-britainSlitherine Games has released the Scramble: Battle of Britain – Flight School, Episode #4 video.

Watch Flight School, Episode #4 “”Aircraft Control” HERE.

Aircraft in Scramble simulate in 3D space with six degrees of freedom: three degrees for XYZ position, and three degrees for rotation about the XYZ axes. Simulation is the foundation of Scramble gameplay depth, and analog control of the airplanes allows players to replicate most of the maneuvers they are familiar with from real-world aerobatics and dogfighting, but controlling airplanes is a hard problem to begin with, and designing a control scheme for the turn-based environment of Scramble proved one of the longest lasting challenges our team faced.

In Flight School Lesson 4 we will introduce you to the Turn/Climb Assist – our default Scramble control scheme – and we will explain how it couples some traditional aircraft control inputs to provide an intuitive piloting experience for all players, regardless of their familiarity with piloting airplanes.

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Scramble Battle of Britain is a turn-based tactical dogfighting game that puts you at the heart of the action. Lead your squadron of pilots in a desperate battle for air supremacy. Fully-simulated flight physics and powerful camera tools let you plan and execute your attacks with perfect precision.

Scramble: Battle of Britain breaks the chaos of a dogfight into short, thrilling chunks of action. Set in a dynamic 3D airspace, this simultaneous turn-based dogfighting game minimizes time and reflex demands while retaining the intricate details of aerodynamics and physics-based simulation unique to the piloting experience. Players strategically plan the maneuvers of their aircraft during simultaneous turns and witness the outcomes in real-time.

Engage in intense aerial battles as Luftwaffe and RAF fighter squadrons clash over the English Channel. Plan your flight paths, execute breathtaking maneuvers, rewind time to evaluate battle damage, and outsmart your opponents with strategic brilliance and captivating aerobatics. Get ready to take control of the skies!