World War II! The 2024 winSPWW2 Upgrade Patch is In! Hooah!

Another year and anither anticipated Upgrade, Fixes and Additions have arrived. This game is now in it’s Twenty Sixth year with the release of WinSPWW2v17, bringing the total number of versions/upgrades of the game release to 38. Since the time the first tentative steps were taken to begin modding SP2 into a WW2 based game to today at least 9600 days have passed… that’s over 7400 days longer than WW2 lasted. We say Impressive!

First, DO NOT apply the upgrade patches while in the midst of a secure PBEM game as the game will fail.

Available for immediate download, this patch is ready to run. So, let’s take a look at what the great guys at Camo Workshop have given us…

The 2024 consolidation patch updates any version of winSPWW2 version 9 and up to version 17. winSPWW2 version 17.0 includes:

  • 2 New Scenarios
  • 16 Revised/Updated Scenarios
  • 100 Updated Scenario txt files
  • 1 New Campaign
  • 1 Completely Revised Campaign- #13
  • 114 New or Revised OOB Photos
  • 43 Updated OOB files
  • 14 New or Updated Graphic SHP files
  • 35 New or Revised Vehicle/Aircraft Icons
  • 35 New or Revised Encyclopaedia/Help Text files
  • 1 New sound file
  • 25 New complete or WIP maps
  • 1. Two new standard infantry unitclasses (UC172 and UC179) replace the old Bicycle unitclasses that were no longer used and were of no real use in the game in their old form.

    2. Electronic garbage was appearing along the left side of some maps. This has been corrected

    3. All “cavalry” unit classes now behave the same way in the same terrain types.

    You can download the upgrade HERE.

    More game information can be found on the winSPWW2 webpage.