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Upgraded physics and improved sound making tank warfare even more visceral, taking the player experience up a notch

Wargaming is excited to announce today the release of update 9.14 for World of Tanks. This update introduces improved sound and physics, making tank warfare even more visceral, as well as 24 pristine HD models, and a new map for Rampage mode: Ravaged Capital.

Improved physics lets players immerse themselves further into dynamic battles, with vehicles handling more realistically than before. Commanders can master skillfully sharp turns, rapidly changing direction and controlling their tank’s turning radius during movement. In addition, vehicles are now more maneuverable, letting players take full advantage of agile tanks in their arsenal.

Update 9.14 also introduces significantly improved sound. In harnessing the new sound engine, Audiokinetic Wwise, commanders can hear every purr and roar of their steel beast as it roams the battlefield. With sound being processed on a separate core, there are between 10 and 30 distinct sound sources, recorded from authentic vehicles on real proving grounds. When adding enhanced sound effects to orientate players in battle into the mix, as well as original event sounds, and multiple sound presets, World of Tanks adds another layer of authenticity to the gameplay experience.

“The major improvements to sound and physics in update 9.14 have been highly-anticipated by our fans,” said Sergey Laptenok, Publishing Product Director, World of Tanks. “All this was made possible with feedback from players, and we have delivered an experience that brings them closer to the action than ever before.”

Commanders can also look forward to 24 HD models of some of their favorite vehicles. Those who have been battling in the intense Rampage mode can also learn to dominate the new map, Ravaged Capital, which drops players in the heart of Paris’s warzone during World War II.

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Wargaming is proud to announce the new Czechoslovakian Tech Tree for World of Tanks is ready to carve out a name for itself in Update 9.13. This line rolls out to battle with light and medium vehicles, giving tankers new weapons in their ever-growing arsenal to outwit and outhit their opponents.

Sitting proud at the top end of the Tech Tree are the Tier 9 and 10 Škoda TVP tanks. Boasting excellent accuracy, when combined with their range and stabilization, these powerful vehicles create a perfect recipe for destruction. Also joining the fight is the Tier 7 Konštrukta T-34/100, an upgraded version of the Soviet T-34 with an improved armament that will be very familiar to experienced players.

“With a rich and interesting tank-building history, World of Tanks could not pass up the opportunity to include these dynamic Czechoslovakian tanks into the game,” said Sergey Laptenok, Publishing Product Director, World of Tanks. “These vehicles, with a number of great features like maneuverability and autoloading guns, create an experience that players don’t want to miss out on.”

Also in Update 9.13 is the Czechoslovakian-inspired map “Pilsen”, which is set to be featured in Random and Rampage battles. This map was based on the actual Škoda tank factory in Pilsen that birthed a number of legendary vehicles. A first for World of Tanks, players will prowl around close-quarters environments within enclosed buildings.

Watch the Update 9.13 video here.

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Wargaming and Carlton Books are pleased to announce World of Tanks Commander’s Guide. World of Tanks, the hugely popular multiplayer online game dedicated to armored vehicle battles, has over 100m registered users and is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, (PS4 coming soon) and mobile devices. Now players and fans can get expert playing (and winning) advice from the makers of the game with this first fully authorized book.

Inside the book is everything you need to know about World of Tanks, from simple battle tips and upgrading advice to advanced tactics and combat styles that will give you an added edge. It includes useful information and tips for all players: a step-by-step guide for those new to the game; how to refine your playing style in the mid-tiers; platoon fighting; and tips for increasing your damage-dealing and credit-earning as a more experienced player.

The book is also an excellent source of reference for military enthusiasts, as it takes a historical look at many of the real tanks behind those featured in the game, with photographs and information from The Tank Museum in Bovington, whose experts have helped shape the game.

David Willey, Curator of The Tank Museum says: “I have met soldiers who play regularly, staff who didn’t think they’d like it but are now hooked, and children whose knowledge about the vehicles gained from the game is now astounding.”

Carlton Books and have teamed up with GAME Retail Ltd to offer the first 1,000 customers who purchase the book (in one of their stores throughout the UK and NI or online at an exclusive Tank Commander DLC Pack for the PC. The pack contains an American RAM 11 Premium Tank, 30 consumables (10 x large repair kits, 10 x automatic fire extinguishers and 10 x large first aid kits), as well as 3 days of Premium account.

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World of Tanks Update 9.12 has gone live today in North America and Europe, with Asia, Korea and China to follow on November 19. The update features a new game mode, adds an exclusive map, reworked, high definition vehicles and the first ever PvE tutorial on PC.

This all-new game mode challenges even the most proficient tank commander by adding fresh mechanics such as respawns, Garage Battles, tank repair stations and a Capture the Flag variant. It also brings new “Artillery” and “Airstrike” abilities, capable of inflicting major damage on the battlefield. Now players must evolve their strategy and tweak their tactics to claim victory. The new map—“Berlin”—is also available for this mode, as well as a special season of Personal Battle Missions. Doing well in these missions will earn commanders the impressive Tier 10 T-22 sr. tank and offers achievement hunters the chance to obtain unique medals for proving their prowess in battle.

Update 9.12 continues to enhance World of Tanks by rolling out twenty-eight high definition vehicles and an improved tank customization interface, allowing players to buy and set camouflage, inscriptions and emblems. The British tank line updates its ranks by replacing the Tier 10 FV4202 medium tank with the mighty Centurion Action X. Finally, a PvE tutorial arrives giving new tankers the chance to hone their skills before taking to the online battlefield.

For more information on update 9.12, visit the official World of Tanks website.

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360° experience produced in cooperation with Google immerses viewers in a historic 1941 battle recreation

Wargaming today released “1941 Battle: 360° Reenactment”, a unique 360° virtual reality video that teleports the viewer into the heart of battle with four tanks, 40 infantry reenactors, artillery and warplanes for the first time ever.

“Wargaming is excited to share our passion for history, and to use innovative technology to bring history alive,” said Tracy Spaight, Director of Special Projects at Wargaming. “Recreating this historic tank battle in 360°, with iconic tanks like the T-34 and Panzer III, will reignite the past like never before.”

Earlier this year, Wargaming’s global PC phenomenon World of Tanks, in partnership with Google and The Bovington Tank Museum, released a series of five 360° videos titled “Virtually Inside the Tanks”. Covering famous vehicles such as the M4 Sherman from the movie “FURY”, viewers could discover some of history’s most notable tanks, inside and out.

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Tiers 2–10 vehicles bolster Japanese Tech Tree and new Rampage event

Wargaming has announced that update 9.10 for World of Tanks is now live globally, bringing nine new Japanese vehicles and the next exciting stage in Domination event: Rampage.

This new branch of Japanese tanks sees Tiers 2 through 10 get some serious backup in a series of heavy-hitting vehicles, featuring medium and heavy tanks. Notable vehicles include the Type 91, a Tier 3, which is the first Japanese heavy tank in the game, with a high damage-per-minute output. Tanks from Tiers 6–9, featuring the Tier 6 O-I, Tier 7 O-Ni, Tier 8 O-Ho, and Tier 9 Type 4 Heavy, boast tough armor and powerful weaponry. Finally, the Type 5 Heavy at Tier 10 has thick armor and a devastating 140 mm gun.

What makes this new tank line even more special is that Japanese company FineMolds provided World of Tanks with a 3D tank models based on the O-I. The blueprints were assumed destroyed, but by working together, FineMolds and World of Tanks were able to bring these vehicles to life in-game. The models helped designers construct the O-I-Experimental and continue Wargaming’s mission of historical accuracy in their titles. This collaboration continues with a series of World of Tanks plastic models for sale, starting with the Type 1 Chi-He, Type 4 Chi-To, and the Type 5 Chi-Ri medium tanks.

Update 9.10 also brings Rampage event, containing Steel Hunt and Domination. Players can rent one of the three tanks to engage in the event: the AMX 50 B (D), the Object 140 (D) and the Т110Е5 (D), as well as use their vehicles that comply with the rules. In Steel Hunt, players can command Tier 10 vehicles exclusively, with the ability to respawn in their battle to capture flags, earning the most Victory Points. In Domination, players can use their Tier 8–10 vehicles in furious 10 minute battles to destroy enemy tanks and transport captured flags to select zones to score Victory Points.

Map availability has also been introduced. Now players will be able to battle across more maps as they work up the Tech Tree, unlocking more tiers. A new garage tutorial also makes it easier than ever for players, from veterans to new recruits, to familiarize themselves with game’s basics and discover useful tips. There is also the addition of a smaller game client, which lets players roll out in a more streamlined version of World of Tanks.

For more information on update 9.10, visit the official World of Tanks website.

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Wargaming is excited to announce that the revamped Global Map is now live in Europe, North America, Asia and Korea . A total reimagining of the previous Global Map, it introduces highly-anticipated Clan Wars integration, a completely revamped interface, and a hugely expanded map .

Strongholds and Global Map have been combined, allowing players to earn a new form of currency: Influence. Influence is earned when battling for provinces and in Skirmishes, which can then be used to bid on locations, giving Clans a chance to claim any area across the map. This new in-game currency can also be invested into these regions, raising its Province Income, as well as purchase Divisions, autonomous units. Divisions are a fully equipped battle unit with necessary number of tanks that does not depend on the number of members in the Clan.

Further good news for Clans is the ability to reap more Province Income via upgrading their ELO rating. With the new Global Map, the combined revenue of all provinces can be up to three times as much as before, and at max level, the new Global Map will being producing 10 million Gold daily.

A revamped UI and in-game tutorial, refined by the players, makes it even easier to jump into the battle. With the addition of flexible settings to vehicle tier, type and nation, players no longer just require Tier 10 vehicles; now Tiers 6, 8 and 10 are all available. Combined with a newly implemented seasonal model, events this year will earn players great rewards.

“The passion and growth of veteran Clan Wars players has shown us that we needed to create a bigger and better Global Map experience,” said Natallia Pershyts, Product Manager of Clan Wars. “The new Global Map has opened the door for a huge Clan Wars audience. In the future, we are looking forward to bringing this mode to other great Wargaming titles.”

For more information, visit the dedicated Global Map page.

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Wargaming is proud to announce that the hotly anticipated Domination Event has arrived for World of Tanks. If commanders are ready for a challenge like never before, then they need to enlist while they still can. This Event won’t be around forever. Beginning today, it is due to last for about a month.

The Domination Event features intense 10 minute battles. Three special vehicles are available to use: the AMX 50 B (D), the Object 140 (D) and the Т110Е5 (D), all Tier 10.

If you have never experienced the might of a Tier 10 vehicle, now is your chance. And if a commander believes they know all about these three special vehicles, think again. You’ll need to employ new strategies when you hear about all our exclusive features.

Newly introduced in this event is the ability to respawn. This means that the battle doesn’t end when a commander’s tank is sent to the scrap heap. After a player’s vehicle is destroyed, the vehicle selection menu becomes available. Here, they can select a new vehicle and roll out into the battle once more with no limit. Across each map in the Domination Event, there are Resupply Points. If you’re running low on ammunition, need to get your tank in working order after one to many hits, then you’ll be rushing for safety. Each map contains four special areas where players can replenish their vehicle’s ammunition as well as repair it.

So how does a commander seize victory? With Victory Points, of course! Players must achieve more Victory Points than their opponents within the 10 minute time limit. Along with destroying enemy tanks to gain points, players can earn Victory Points by capturing flags and taking them to select zones on the map.

Find out more about the Domination Event and view the Domination mode trailer here.

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The Sherman tanks from “Fury” plus many other iconic vehicles roll in to Bovington

Wargaming is proud to announce they will be sponsoring Tankfest, one of the world’s best displays of historic armored vehicles, for the fifth consecutive time. Held every June 27–28 at The Tank Museum at Bovington, Tankfest will see over 15,000 people from across the country and the globe flock to the Museum. With guest vehicles and old favorites returning to the arena, this Tankfest is set to be the best yet.

Museum Director, Richard Smith, said: “Wargaming has always been very supportive of The Tank Museum, contributing to restoration projects, building our Education Centre and assisting with new exhibitions. Their support of Tankfest is the latest example of their ongoing commitment to champion our collection and our efforts to engage as many people as possible in the subject of armored warfare.”

At this year’s event, there will be three Sherman tanks from the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Fury’ film. These iconic vehicles will be reunited with The Tank Museum’s fearsome Tiger 131, the only running Tiger 1 in the world, for the Grand Finale Battle. The Battle will be a tribute to the last days of World War II and include a salute to the Veterans. Vehicles like the 38T, Comet, Panzer III, Rolls Royce Armored car and some of the latest equipment from the British Army will also take to the arena at Tankfest.

Wargaming’s MGT-20, a specialized mobile gaming truck, will be rolling into The Tank Museum. Attendees will be able to play a few rounds of World of Tanks in the truck, or check out the Wargaming sponsored Education Centre inside the Museum to learn about the history of some iconic vehicles.

There will also be an extensive Living History encampment on-site, where visitors can step back in time and immerse themselves in the era. One of the day’s many highlights will include an original World War II Spitfire and Douglas C-47 Dakota aircraft taking to the skies at Tankfest.

“Wargaming has always been an enthusiastic fan of Tankfest,” said Rinaldo Andreolli, General Manager Europe. “We are excited to take our support to the next level. After participating in Tankfest for the last four years, we are now sponsoring this unique event so even more vehicles and entertainment are available to visitors. For everyone at Wargaming, it’s great to be able to give something back to the community and educate people about the past.”

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ESL developers are preparing to integrate’s latest technological development, Battle API (Application Programming Interface), into their online ESL Play platform. As the world’s largest esports company, this is set to significantly improve the esports experience for World of Tanks players from all around the globe. Since ESL and partnered in 2011, ESL World of Tanks players have secured themselves well over one million dollars in prize money. Battle API integration represents just the latest step the two companies have taken towards paving the way to a higher standard of esports events and user experience worldwide.

ESL will be the first external company to integrate Battle API into their leagues and competitions. Once integrated players will also be able to earn themselves in-game credits and battle experience when taking part in both online and offline competition. This is due to the integrated Battle API negating the need for ‘Training Room’ use.

The Battle API will be built into the World of Tanks game itself and will communicate with the ESL Play platform to automise actions such as in game invites, score postings and bracket updates. This form of game integration also allows for a more meaningful post-match analysis with statistics such as the number of shells shot, shot accuracy and amount of damage dealt available for use just moments after a game is over.

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