six-days-in-fallujahModern War Through the Eyes of Those Who Were There

Victura and Highwire Games today announced their upcoming first-person tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah will release on June 22, 2023, through Steam’s Early Access program. The game will launch with four co-operative four-player missions. These missions are set in urban maps that are generated procedurally every time the game is played to recreate the uncertainty of combat along with unlimited replayability.

Six Days in Fallujah is a highly realistic first-person tactical shooter developed with help from more than 100 Marines and Soldiers who served in the Second Battle of Fallujah, as well as more than two dozen Iraqi civilians and soldiers. Based on true stories from the battle, Six Days requires players to overcome real-world scenarios with their fire team by using real-life military tactics.

Watch the Six Days in Fallujah Early Access Announcement Trailer HERE.

“The way we play video games right now is not how people fight in real life,” says Sgt. Eddie Garcia, a Marine who was wounded during the Second Battle of Fallujah. “Six Days in Fallujah requires tactics and teamwork that are more like real combat than any other game I’ve played.”

Six Days introduces many new technologies that make combat more realistic:

Procedural Architecture re-shapes the inside and outside of every building each time the game is played. Just like the real battle, players never know what to expect.

Block-scale AI is a dramatic new approach to AI based on insurgent tactics from the battle. Unlike games in which AI is constrained to move in very small areas, AI enemies in Six Days can go anywhere on the battlefield, and they will stalk, flank, and ambush players while coordinating their attacks with each other and luring players into difficult situations.

Global Dynamic Lighting simulates real weather and lighting effects dynamically, so visibility shapes gameplay, especially as players move between blindingly bright outdoors and terrifyingly dark indoors. Realistic smoke, dust, and weather effects complicate visibility in unpredictable ways.

Tactical Indoor/Outdoor Sandbox. Players — and their AI enemies — are free to approach challenges from any direction in Six Days in Fallujah. Rather than breaching a house through a front door, for example, players might choose to climb to a rooftop, or cross rooftops on wooden planks, to attack from the top down.
In Early Access, Six Days in Fallujah will focus initially on the experiences of US Marine fireteams on the first day of the battle. As Early Access develops, players can also choose to play cooperatively as special operations or Iraqi soldiers fighting alongside coalition forces, and players will begin to encounter civilians as the battle progresses. Victura also plans to release additional co-operative missions, as well as story campaign missions recreating real stories from the Second Battle of Fallujah from the perspective of both coalition forces and Iraqi civilians.

The Second Battle of Fallujah began in November 2004 after Al Qaeda in Iraq seized control of the city of Fallujah. Six months later, Iraq’s prime minister ordered a military operation in which Iraqi soldiers fought alongside American and British forces to re-take the city. Within a few days it had become one of the world’s bloodiest battles in half a century.

Six Days in Fallujah began development 18 years ago, just months after the battle ended. Conceived by a Marine who was wounded during the battle, more than 100 Marines and Soldiers, along with more than two dozen Iraqis, have helped with its development. The game was canceled in 2009 by the game’s original publisher, Konami. Development restarted in 2017 when publisher, Victura, partnered with developer Highwire Games, a studio founded by many of the original Halo and Destiny leadership.

The PC version of Six Days in Fallujah will launch into Early Access on the Steam store on June 22, 2023 at a price of US$39.99. The full release of the game is expected to be available for both console and PC in 2024. More information about Six Days in Fallujah is available at

sniper-elite-5Saboteur pack includes the TERA rifle, Grease Gun and a Liberator character skin

Rebellion, one of the world’s most successful independent video games developers and publishers, has today launched the Saboteur pack, the latest content drop for Sniper Elite 5’s Season Pass Two. Saboteur gives you access to the TERA rifle, Grease Gun and a Liberator character skin for Karl to complete the Resistance look. Additionally, Rebellion has also launched a new No Cross map called Rhine Crossing which is available now for free in multiplayer. The Saboteur Weapon and Skin Pack is now available on Steam.

You can see a new trailer showcasing the Saboteur content and the Rhine Crossing map HERE.

Available now, as part of Season Pass Two (priced £24.99/$29.99/€29.99), or as a separate purchase for £8.99/€9.99/$9.99, Saboteur includes the Type 1 TERA, which provides a rapid rate of fire with good accuracy thanks to its low levels of recoil. Featuring a folding stock for improved portability, the TERA is incredibly fast to equip and aim down the sight.

Players will also receive the Grease Gun, an SMG with great mobility that is very easy to control, even under sustained firing, thanks to its low rate of fire and recoil. Despite its low muzzle velocity, the stability and control on offer make it a solid choice for slightly longer ranged combat encounters.

Finally, the Liberator Skin celebrates the liberation of Paris. Karl can now sport a classic French Resistance appearance complete with signature armband.

The new Rhine Crossing No Cross is available now and is free to all players. Based on the battle of Remagen at the Ludendorff Bridge in Germany, the new map is set at night and the iconic towers on the collapsed bridge offer the highest vantage points on either side of the no cross zone. With diagonal sightlines across the corners of the map and cover offered by the remains of the bridge, players will have to be at their stealthy best and make use of the dark to prevail.

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crusader-kings-3It is a big and exciting world, full of big and exciting events. Great tournaments. Royal weddings. Grand tours through the countryside. There is too much to see out there to spend your life hidden behind castle walls. So saddle up and ride forth in Tours & Tournaments, a new expansion for Crusader Kings III.

Paradox Interactive’s award-winning medieval history game expands its unique blend of strategy and role-playing with a host of new events that make the map more than a list of places to conquer. In Tours & Tournaments, you can travel through your realm to check on your vassals. Attend royal weddings to demonstrate your loyalty to a distant lord. Or, if you are brave enough, enter competitions of body or mind in tournaments. Each activity opens new scope for intrigue, while also allowing new strategic paths with a chance of improving characters’ skills or traits.There are no guarantees, and danger still lurks around every corner. But with great risk, comes great renown.

Watch the Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments Release Trailer HERE.

Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments is available for the suggested retail price of $29.99/£24.99/€29.99 and launches with a major free update to Crusader Kings III for all players.

More information is available on the official Crusader Kings III website.

enlistedThe content update brings a new class of fighters offering new tactical options

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of the Airborne Forces major content update for the online military action game Enlisted. It has brought a new class of fighters to the game – paratroopers.

Paratroopers specialize in sabotage and can land from an aircraft anywhere on the map. They are versatile soldiers, trained to handle any infantry weapons available and able to appear at any point in the battle. Initially, a paratrooper has only light assault weapons at their disposal, but a box of supplies is dropped from the transport plane along with the squad, and it contains heavy weaponry like machine guns and anti-tank systems. Thanks to this, you can choose the optimal equipment right on the spot and rush into battle.

Watch the Airborne Forces Update Trailer HERE.

Until May 6th, players can unlock two exclusive paratrooper squads from the Pacific Campaign – the Japanese Paratroopers with the Type 100 rifle and the Allied Paratroopers with the M1A1 carbine by completing the tasks of the “Reinforcements received” event. In addition, two premium paratrooper units from the Invasion of Normandy campaign are included in the Paratrooper pack available in the store. These are soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division of the United States, whose story inspired the creators of “The Dirty Dozen” movie, and German soldiers from the 18th Parachute Regiment.

Detailed information about the new content in the Airborne Forces update is available on the official Enlisted website.

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europa-universalis-iv-dominationLatest Europa Universalis IV Expansion Highlights Most Popular Nations

Build the great empires of the early modern world in new ways with Europa Universalis IV: Domination, available today. The latest expansion pack for Paradox Interactive’s flagship historical grand strategy game adds a wagon-load of new choices, missions, and historical flavor to a game already bursting with endless possibilities.

Centered on the most popular and powerful nations in Europa Universalis IV, Domination revisits and revises once familiar pathways while adding more historical context and challenges to great nations like China, England, France and more. In some cases, branching missions will force you to make a choice that will irrevocably change the course of your nation, focusing your priorities in a particular direction.

Watch the Europa Universalis IV: Domination release trailer HERE.

Europa Universalis IV: Domination is available now for a suggested retail price of $19.99/£16.75/€19.99.

More game information is available at the official Europa Universalis IV website or vial the games official Steam page.

sniper-elite-5Arm yourself with a brand-new rifle and haunt The Dam, a new No Cross map

Rebellion, one of the world’s most successful independent video games developers and publishers, has today launched Death From Above, the latest content pack for Sniper Elite 5’s Season Pass Two, and a free No Cross multiplayer map called The Dam. Death From Above delivers a brand new rifle in the shape of the Pedersen as well as a British Dazzle skin for all weapons, a British Bomber skin for Karl and an Air Auxiliary Skin for Monika.

You can see the new content in the latest Sniper Elite 5 trailer HERE.

The Pedersen rifle was proposed as part of a program to adopt a semi-automatic replacement to the M1903. It features no scope options but is arguably best-in-class for ironsight usage and is capable of firing fast, accurate shots at medium range, with great overall stability. Players will also receive the striking British Dazzle weapon skin for all weapons. This pays homage to the dazzle camouflage design used on British tanks during desert campaigns. Finally, both Karl and Monika receive new character skins. The British Bomber skin for Karl gives him a distinct aviator look while the Air Auxiliary skin for Monika reflects the uniforms worn by the women’s air-corps whose job was to transport new or repaired planes to active military airfields throughout the UK.

Developed in partnership with Flix Interactive, Death From Above is available as an individual purchase, priced at $9.99 or as part of Season Pass Two. The Season Pass also includes the previously released Rough Landing pack and two future content packs and is priced at $29.99.

Additionally, all players will receive a new No Cross multiplayer map called The Dam for free as part of the latest title update for Sniper Elite 5. This new map takes players to the remains of a dam that has been partly destroyed by the Allied bombing campaign. A river and broken bridges divide the two sides of the map with one side providing ample cover and sniping positions thanks to a tangle of pipework and industrial railings. Players on the opposite side can utilize the higher, more natural terrain to their advantage.

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1971-indian-naval-frontIndependent game development studio Neosphere Interactive Studios is releasing 1971: Indian Naval Front on Steam today.

Watch the latest 1971: Indian Naval Front Gameplay video HERE.

1971: Indian Naval Front is a third-person naval combat game based on the actual events of 1971 war. The game allows you to learn history by experiencing the clash between India and Pakistan.

1971: Indian Naval Front features iconic ships of the Indian Navy. Over 40 authentic naval units, including jets and helicopters, are player-controllable. A mini-game for solving Morse-coded messages and progressing through the levels is also included.

The Campaign Mode (Single player) is played from the perspective of Indian Navy, where the player engages in different combat missions like Maritime Interdiction Operations, Naval Air Squadron Sorties, Search and Rescue and others. All the missions are based on actual incidents which took place during the war.

crusader-kings-3Pack the royal baggage, get the carriage sorted and don’t forget to gather your entourage, because royalty travels in style. Visit your vassals, travel to a grand foreign wedding or take your turn at the jousting lists – all potential occasions for intrigue or advancement. And now the date of departure is set – you can enjoy the luxury (and peril) of medieval travel in Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments on 11 May 2023.

Watch the Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments Pre-Order Trailer HERE.

In Tours and Tournaments, your character will be able to change the course of history through grand activities. Whether it is becoming master of the arena at a tournament, impressing your vassals with an extravagant royal wedding, or personally touring your realm on a grand tour, all of these activities could have world-changing consequences. Not to mention the perils of leaving an ambitious regent at home to rule in your stead while you see the world.

Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments will be available on 11 May 2023 for the suggested retail price of $29.99/£24.99/€29.99 and will launch with a major free update to Crusader Kings III for all players.

Players can pre-order Tours and Tournaments now, or, if they like, purchase Chapter II for Crusader Kings III, a bundle of upcoming content for the game with an unbeatable price.

The Chapter II pack can be ordered now, for a suggested retail price of $34.99/£29.50/€34.99.

More game information is available on the official Crusader Kings III website.

insurgency-sandstorm“Operation: Accolade” celebrates player-created content in a stunning new setting!

New World Interactive and Focus Entertainment are excited to celebrate Insurgency: Sandstorm’s fourth birthday by paying tribute to our incredible community of players. Update 1.14, “Operation: Accolade,” is the fourth and final major content update in the Year 2 Pass, available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Watch the “Operation: Accolade” Trailer HERE.

“Operation: Accolade” adds a new map, weapons, and character cosmetics, all as a free update. Premium DLC cosmetics are also now available for individual purchase, as well as for those who have purchased the game’s Year 2 Pass or Gold Edition.

Take up arms and prepare to fight under the glow of the golden hour in Last Light, a new map adapted from the fan-favorite submission to the Insurgency: Sandstorm mapping contest. New elements include the ability to enter and utilize building interiors, in addition to an entirely new marine yacht area, completing the luxurious coastal town atmosphere.

Engage in close-to-medium-quarters combat through the streets of a Monte Carlo-like setting with your new weapons: the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) and the SG 552. The MDR for Security is an American bullpup modular rifle; the Swiss-manufactured SG 552 for Insurgents, meanwhile, is well known for its ease of use and versatility.

Visit the official Insurgency: Sandstorm website for more game information.

the-great-war-western-frontCommanders wishing to begin their campaign on World War 1’s Western Front before March 30 can purchase from today to immediately assume control.

Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV), and developers Petroglyph (Command & Conquer™: Remastered, Star Wars™: Empire at War), invite players to take control and lead their chosen side to victory in World War 1 RTS, The Great War: Western Front, available from 17:00 BST // 18:00 CEST // 12:00 EDT // 09:00 PDT today in early access to those who have pre-ordered the game. Players who purchase the game before March 30 can also take their place in the command trench immediately, for a suggested retail price of £29.99/€34.99/$34.99.

Commanders can enhance their experience with the Victory Edition. This includes a detailed digital field guide providing additional in-game intelligence, five digital wallpapers, and Frank Klepacki’s evocative soundtrack, encompassing a myriad of complex and conflicting emotions which reflect World War 1. Victory Edition is available via Steam at a suggested retail price of £34.99/€39.99/$39.99.

Watch the official The Great War: Western Front Pre-Order Trailer HERE.

The Great War: Western Front offers players the opportunity to relive or redefine history in one of history’s most pivotal conflicts, taking command of either the Allied Forces or the Central Powers. Taking total control of the Western Front as both Theatre Commander and Field Commander, players will be required to make difficult decisions in both turn-based grand strategy and RTS gameplay to preserve their faction’s National Will across an immersive campaign which spans the duration of the war, and can be extended beyond 1918 based on their actions. Players can choose to start at the outbreak of the conflict in 1914, or in 1916, assuming leadership at a pivotal point where public support is fading and both sides turn to new technologies such as aviation and tanks in an effort to break the stalemate.

As forces meet on the battlefields, Commanders must carefully consider their supply and weigh up the prospect of the conflict to come. With both sides attempting to push back the enemy, each battlefield reflects the changing seasons and retains the damage caused by previous battles as the cost of the war takes its toll on the landscape. Every decision tips the balance of each battle on a sliding scale, from suppressing key emplacements with artillery and increasing their visibility with observation balloons during an attack, to designing detailed trench networks which provide unique strategic options whether attacking or defending. Victory may be achieved, but at what cost?

Alongside the campaign, Historical Battles allows Commanders to relive key battles from the Western Front, set against Imperial War Museums’ archive footage, and will put their tactical awareness to the test. Additionally, players can improve their battle readiness in a dedicated tutorial, refine their skills and create their own battles from the ground up in Skirmish mode, or take on their fellow Commanders in individual 1v1 Multiplayer battles.

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