barbarossa-decisive-campaignsOn 22nd June 1941 the German Invasion of Soviet Russia began. Over 4 million Axis soldiers and 600,000 vehicles were involved in the Operation Barbarossa, probably the biggest large-scale invasion of the War.

The destiny of Europe lies on 3,000-kilometer of frontline.

Masterminds behind the stunning wargames The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris and Case Blue are proud to announce the development of their third chapter in the Decisive Campaigns series: Barbarossa: Decisive Campaigns!

Set during the entire Operation Barbarossa the game features a deep and detailed chain of command, with which you are forced to work with. Refusing to follow an insane order could mean the end of your military career…

You will act as one of finest planner behind the invasion, Generaloberst Franz Halder. In his shoes you will manage a true operational structure, dealing with both superiors and subordinates, in an environment where strategy and politics often conflict.

Try to stay focus on what’s important, ignore what isn’t and execute a winning strategy in order to overcome the enemy!

Furthermore the game allows you to choose to play the role of Stalin himself! Manage the crisis you helped to create, be ruthless and save Mother Russia

This astonishing wargame has reached the Beta Phase and we invite you all to sign up and to help us in giving the finishing touches to the game!

You can apply for the beta here

Get more information about the game from its official Product Page

Wargaming is excited to announce that the revamped Global Map is now live in Europe, North America, Asia and Korea . A total reimagining of the previous Global Map, it introduces highly-anticipated Clan Wars integration, a completely revamped interface, and a hugely expanded map .

Strongholds and Global Map have been combined, allowing players to earn a new form of currency: Influence. Influence is earned when battling for provinces and in Skirmishes, which can then be used to bid on locations, giving Clans a chance to claim any area across the map. This new in-game currency can also be invested into these regions, raising its Province Income, as well as purchase Divisions, autonomous units. Divisions are a fully equipped battle unit with necessary number of tanks that does not depend on the number of members in the Clan.

Further good news for Clans is the ability to reap more Province Income via upgrading their ELO rating. With the new Global Map, the combined revenue of all provinces can be up to three times as much as before, and at max level, the new Global Map will being producing 10 million Gold daily.

A revamped UI and in-game tutorial, refined by the players, makes it even easier to jump into the battle. With the addition of flexible settings to vehicle tier, type and nation, players no longer just require Tier 10 vehicles; now Tiers 6, 8 and 10 are all available. Combined with a newly implemented seasonal model, events this year will earn players great rewards.

“The passion and growth of veteran Clan Wars players has shown us that we needed to create a bigger and better Global Map experience,” said Natallia Pershyts, Product Manager of Clan Wars. “The new Global Map has opened the door for a huge Clan Wars audience. In the future, we are looking forward to bringing this mode to other great Wargaming titles.”

For more information, visit the dedicated Global Map page.

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flying-tigers-shadows-over-china-logoDeveloper Ace Maddox has announced its air-combat action game Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is available on Steam. The Early Access release offers a polished subset of content and features for both single- and multiplayer modes, and includes a decent number of maps and aircraft (with about a third of the single player campaign already completed). A new Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China “Kunming” Gameplay Teaser video can be viewed here.

Get more information about the game at the official Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China website.

company-of-heroes-2-the-british-forces-logoFree Trial Offers Players Early Access to This Standalone Multiplayer Army Pack

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced a limited free trial for Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces from Relic Entertainment  which will begin at 10:00am PDT/6:00pm BST/7:00pm CET on August 31 and end at 2:00pm PDT/10:00pm BST/11:00pm CET on September 2 2015. During the trial, which is exclusive to Steam users and set to take place just before the final game’s release, up to 55,000 players will get hands-on with the complete British army including 15 new units, up to six new commanders (three in the base game and three via the War Spoils loot dropping system) and a total of eight new multiplayer maps as well as the four factions and base commanders from all previous Company of Heroes 2 games. Keep your eyes on the @companyheroes Twitter feed for details of where you can grab a key through exclusive media partners or via Relic.

The British Forces adds a new dynamic to the Company of Heroes 2 battlefield by giving players the ability to combine powerful, coordinated attacks across two distinct combat styles – the ‘Hammer’, an aggressive, mobile approach; or the ‘Anvil’, a deliberate but highly potent defensive approach. With the addition of the British army , Company of Heroes 2 is one of the most comprehensive World War II RTS games available .

Get more info about Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces at the games official website.

zombie-army-trilogy-logoSource: Steam

Rebellion has announced a free update to its FPS Zombie Army Trilogy. All 8 Left 4 Dead survivors are now playable in Zombie Army Trilogy on Steam. Also, you can purchase Zombie Army Trilogy this weekend on Steam for 66% off! You can watch the Update Trailer here.

Owners of Zombie Army Trilogy PC can now choose from a titanic roster of 16 characters, including all 8 survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 & 2. Partner the Vietnam vet Bill Overbeck with grizzled Sniper Elite hero Karl Fairburne, or reunite the heroes of L4D1 for some spine-chilling co-op from a whole other time – whatever way you line up, you’ll need your wits about you to thwart the undead army of the Third Reich.

Wondering how the cast of Left 4 Dead 2 went from the present-day South to fighting Nazi undead hordes in 1945? Well, British comic book powerhouse 2000 AD has you covered with a free commemorative comic, and it’s also available to download now. Spoiler alert: Washed up U-boats and occult happenings abound!

Already own Zombie Army Trilogy? Install the free update and jump into the action!

nvidia-geforce-gtx950NVIDIA has launched its new GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Card. The $159.99 priced Geforce GTX 950 is based on the same second generation Maxwell GPU as the Geforce GTX 960, the GM206. The new Geforce GTX 950 is mostly meant for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gamers. We have collected a large number of reviews and we’ve posted the links to them below for your convenience.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: Ubiblog

Whether it’s been through playtests in our studios, the closed alpha, or recent hands-on demos at events like E3 or Gamescom, player feedback has been essential to the development of Rainbow Six: Siege. Getting the game in people’s hands and listening to what they have to say helps us understand how we can improve their experience, and we’d like to thank everyone who’s taken part in the process so far.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to push the release date of Rainbow Six: Siege to December 1, 2015 for all regions. This wasn’t an easy decision, but based on the feedback we’ve received, and based on our own internal tests, we felt there are adjustments and improvements we can make, including improving the co-op experience across all game modes, weapon and gadget balancing, as well as menu and interface navigation. We’re taking a little more time to make these changes, and we think it’s the right call.

The closed beta for Rainbow Six: Siege will still start on September 24, 2015 as planned, and the additional time will allow us to further test things like infrastructure and matchmaking. That extra testing and added polish will make for a higher-quality experience at launch.

We understand that many of you are excited to get your hands on the final game, but as gamers ourselves we know that quality comes first and we are committed to delivering the best game possible.

Bringing Rainbow Six: Siege to life continues to be an incredible experience, and we’d like to thank all fans for your feedback, support, and unwavering enthusiasm. We couldn’t make the game without you. We hope you’re all excited for the upcoming closed beta on September 24.

company-of-heroes-2-the-british-forces-logoRelic Entertainment has released the second developer diary for Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces, the recently announced World War II standalone RTS expansion. In part two of the “From History To Gameplay” developer diary, Lead Game Designer Quinn Duffy dives into the core gameplay of The British Forces, new features, and how the British army is represented. Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces will be out on September 3.

Get more info about Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces at the games official website.

m4-tank-brigade-logoClassic sim to be updated monthly based on player feedback

iEntertainment Network Inc. is proud to announce that M4 Tank Brigade Classic is now available on Steam Early Access.

M4 Tank Brigade, a World War II tank simulation for Windows PCs, is the only game on Steam to focus exclusively on commanding multiple WWII armored vehicles in real time, with combat that takes place on 3D battlefields spread over hundreds of square miles. Tank commanders control their own platoon (four tanks) and up to a full battlegroup of 20 armored vehicles – coordinating both air and artillery support. In a split second, players can jump into any vehicle in their command net to turn the tide of battle!

The M4 Tank Brigade Steam package includes thousands of single-player missions and free massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat for up to 300 tankers in the same battle. Both single-player and multiplayer modes will be updated on a monthly basis with new features and functions based on player feedback and suggestions from the M4 Tank Brigade Steam Community.

In order to include the updated version improvements in the same package as the classic game, IENT is leveraging Steam Early Access so that M4 Tank Brigade can be continuously updated. The Steam package includes the popular, finished “classic” version that has been played online and offline for years. The first new features for M4 Tank Brigade are expected in September 2015.

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