historical-article-britains-contemptible-little-army-logoThe Battles of Mons and Nery, 1914

By John Dudek @ The Wargamer

Many, if not most, historians agree that the most professional, well trained and effective army to enter the fighting on the European continent during that summer of 1914 was the British Army. Although comparatively small when compared to the opposing million man armies fielded by both Germany and France, it numbered but 80,000 men in two corps. However the British Army Expeditionary Force was comprised primarily of long service veterans and territorials who’d served a minimum of seven years for both king and country in wars ranging in size from the small colonial wars of empire to the Boer War in South Africa 14 years before. They were a hard bitten, professional lot of “Old Sweats” who saw the army as not only their occupation, but as an integral part of their very core of being and not merely as a temporary term of enlistment and national service. They knew the savage killing art of soldiering and every aspect of their terrible trade from muzzle to butt-plate. They could put a life saving tourniquet on a wounded arm using their teeth to tighten the knot, and still roar defiance at an oncoming enemy by firing 30 aimed shots at them in a “mad-minute” from their Lee-Enfield rifles. “These long service veterans had made the British Army their home and they would no more not be a part of it than for a fish to exist out of water.” The aforementioned .303 calibre Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle MK.III was perhaps the best designed bolt action rifle ever used on the battlefield and it continued to serve the British Army well into the 1950′s. Its smooth pull bolt action meant that a rifleman skilled in its use could quickly chamber and fire numerous rounds without ever losing the enemy’s sight picture, giving every British infantryman a devastatingly effective high rate of fire. It was said that Germany’s ruler Kaiser Wilhelm upon hearing of Britain’s declaration of war against them on 4 August 1914, derisively dismissed the six divisions and five cavalry brigades of the British Expeditionary Force soldiers now arriving in France as members of “This Contemptible Army”. Whether he ever spoke these words or not, the average German soldier would soon discover the British Army’s true worth and learn much from the bitter experience after meeting them in battle.

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Activision will release the last Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC pack on PC, PS4 and PS3 on September 4.

The Nemesis add-on features four new multiplayer maps, including a reimagined version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Shipment, plus a fresh mission for the Extinction co-op mode.

Released in early August on Xbox One and Xbox 360, the DLC is available as part of the game’s season pass, or standalone for £11.59/$14.99.

Nemesis is the fourth and final Call of Duty: Ghosts map pack. Onslaught launched in January, Devastation arrived in April, and Invasion released in June.

Nemesis contents:

  • Goldrush is set in an abandoned gold mine in the Southwest United States, where an intricate network of cavernous tunnels and perilous shafts create the ideal setting for medium to long range combat; while two mine carts race along the abandoned tracks offering players a fast way to traverse the map. Players who complete the unique field order on Goldrush will unleash a howling pack of wolves that will descend upon their enemies.
  • Subzero drops players into a frigid Canadian submarine base that has been hastily evacuated, with control room, submarine pen and research facilities all left eerily empty. Built around the traditional three-lane design, this medium-sized map harbors a mysterious terror that will decimate your enemies upon completion of the map’s unique field order.
  • In Dynasty, players are transported to a lakeside Chinese village surrounded by picturesque mountains, vivid gardens, and spectacular architecture – a serene environment that is anything but Zen-like. Multiple pathways crisscross the village in this medium map with a variety of elevation and numerous back alleys that create flanking routes. The unique field order on “Dynasty” allows players to call in an air strike of vertical takeoff fighter jets, while one lingers behind to give you unmatched air superiority.
  • Nemesis cranks the frenetic multiplayer action to unprecedented levels with the fourth multiplayer map, “Showtime,” a sadistic reimagining of the smallest map in Call of Duty history, the fan favorite map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Shipment. In the futuristic arena of Showtime, blind corners and narrow pathways provide momentary reprieve from the outright mayhem within the central square comprised of several shipping containers. Tight confines call for shotguns and SMGs. Survive long enough to be rewarded with one of three killstreaks: lethal automated gun turrets at key locations on the map, an air drop with multiple care packages or a deadly gas attack that forces the action back into the center of the arena.
  • Extinction Episode 4 Exodus: Following the CIF Unit’s harrowing escape from the alien underworld and the successful recovery of Dr. Cross and the cortex, the team has flown in to fight off the Cryptid army’s siege of the last bastion of human resistance. Your mission is to get key personnel to safety by restoring power to the shuttle and launching the shuttle to a low earth orbit space station. Exodus gives players unprecedented control of their escape route – choose your path, gather new intel, craft new weapons – and introduces the deadliest of enemies with a range of lethal powers, including mind control and psionic attacks – the Ancestors. As the battle for our survival draws to a close, the fate of mankind is in your hands.

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Deep Silver announces the release of Metro Redux, offering remastered editions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, 4A Games’ first-person shooters based on the works of Dmitry Glukhovsky. This involves remastered editions of each game, available separately, as a bundle, and as discounted upgrades for owners of one or both of the originals. Here’s a Metro Redux launch trailer, and here’s word on the release:

Not only is Metro Redux full of content, but the games have been reworked from the ground up and rebuilt inclusive of new animations, voice overs, gunplay and enemy AI. For the first time ever, both games are playable in two completely different playstyles — Spartan, catering to traditional shooter fans and Survival, a more visceral experience with scarcity of resources. In addition, the legendary Ranger Mode returns to both games, providing the most immersive and challenging experience as the HUD is stripped away and hardcore rules apply.

to-end-all-wars-box“This war, like the next war, is a war to end war.” (David Lloyd George – UK Prime Minister)

One hundred years ago today, Russian and German forces were standing facing each other in East Prussia. This early confrontation on the Eastern Front – known as the Battle of Tannenberg – resulted in the almost complete destruction of the Russian Second Army and the suicide of their main commander, Samsonov. On the German side the battle made Paul von Hindenburg famous for the rest of the war, and proved that moving troops quickly by train could bring a decisive advantage. Technology was an asset that could make all the difference in the years to come…

In To End All Wars – their new Grand Strategy game dedicated to WW1 – Ageod (www.ageod.com) aim to reproduce in detail this conflict that involved all of the main powers of this period. The AGE engine has been especially enhanced in order to cover the specifics of this war. New technologies, trenches, war plans, aerial and armored units, and an original diplomatic system have been implemented to simulate the Great War with a high level of realism.

Today we are proud to announce that the game is finally released! Players can now embrace a new military career by leading the destiny of one the major WW1 alliances that fearlessly fought, not only for Europe, but also for Africa and Asia. The game allows a high degree of freedom in terms of decisions, so battles, diplomatic relations, political events and war production will depend on player’s choices.

In order to celebrate the release we are offering a $5 discount to the early adopters during the week of the launch! Note that To End All Wars will be released on Steam as well on August 29th and that this version will also benefit from the launch discount. We are also going to offer a free Steam key to anyone who has a copy the game, wherever they bought it from, once the game is available on this digital platform!

Get more information on To End All Wars from its product page and its official Introduction Video.

roccat-kone-pure-military-gamingmouse-camo-matBy Stuart Davidson @ Hardware Heaven

When choosing a mouse, everyone has different needs. That might be wired, or wireless… left handed, right handed or both… laser or optical… basic buttons, a million buttons… and so much more. Then of course there is finish, rubber, plastic, metal?.. And then there are specific designs. Today we take a look at Roccats new revision of the Kone Pure mouse. The Military Edition with Camo Charge finish and just to be thorough we are throwing in Roccats Camo Charge gaming surface too.

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amd-radeon-r7-series-240gb-ssdBy Marco Chiappetta @ HotHardware

AMD is calling the new family of drives, the Radeon R7 Series SSD, similar to its popular mid-range line of graphics cards. The new Radeon R7 Series SSDs feature OCZ and Toshiba technology, but with a proprietary firmware geared towards write performance and high endurance. We’ll give you the full scoop on the pages ahead, but first let’s take a look at the Radeon R7 Series’ specifications. If you’re familiar with some of OCZ’s higher-end drives (namely the Vector 150), some of these specs will probably ring a bell…

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razer-cortex-logoRazer expands software platform with the Razer Cortex: Deals price comparison engine

Razer, the world leader in entertainment devices and software, today announced a new platform to its suite of software products: Razer Cortex, a free software gaming application from which players can discover new game titles at the lowest prices, launch their games while boosting computer performance, back up save games and record in-game footage. Razer Cortex features include:

  • Razer Cortex: Deals – Pay less for more of your favorite games with Razer’s unique downloadable game price comparison engine.
  • Game Booster – Enhance your PC’s gaming performance with the popular boosting utilities from Razer Game Booster incorporated into Razer Cortex.
  • Save Game Manager – Automatically back up save games to the cloud and never lose a save game again.
  • Screen Capture Gallery – Immortalize your gaming moments with the touch of a hotkey.

Razer Cortex: Deals brings a game-changing offering to Razer’s growing software platform – the unique PC game comparison tool allows users to stay up to date on price drops, limited deals and exclusive offers for their favorite games.

Razer Cortex: Deals compares prices across the most popular downloadable game stores on a simple-to-use interface that highlights the best price and allows users to create Wish Lists where they receive notifications whenever the games on their lists drop in price or appear in a store’s deals.

Razer Cortex: Deals also includes a predictive function that suggests other games that users might enjoy based on their gaming activity.

Razer’s 10 million global users will get a competitive edge on the best deals across their favorite stores such as Amazon, Gamersgate, Gamestop, GOG.com, Green Man Gaming, Steam and Origin, with more to come.

Early access event

From the 25th August to the launch of Razer Cortex on the 10th September, Razer is holding a two week long early access event where users can sign up with their Razer ID to join a queue. Participants will be progressively given access to test server performance for the upcoming launch.

Anyone with a Razer ID is free to join at www.razerzone.com/cortex/earlyaccess.

For more information on Razer Cortex and its array of features, please visit www.razerzone.com/cortex/

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historical-article-rise-and-fall-of-an-imperial-dream-logoThe Japanese Battleship Fleet in WWII

By John Dudek @ The Wargamer

Location: Somewhere in the Formosa Strait off the coast of Formosa (Taiwan) and the Pescadores Islands.

Time and Date: Twenty minutes after midnight on the overcast night of 21 November 1944 …

Submarine USS Sealion’s Skipper, Lt. Commander Eli Reich, stands on his surfaced submarine’s open bridge hoping to fire his torpedoes at a column of three Japanese battleships and escorts located miles ahead of him. His submarine is running in hot pursuit at full flank speed attempting to make an “end run” in order to get ahead of the Japanese warships and gain an optimum firing position as soon as the column comes to bear. The three battleships, IJN Kongo, Nagato and Yamato and the heavy cruiser Yahagi astern are moving at 16 knots on a steady course while not zigzagging. Three destroyer escorts flank both sides of the Japanese column of warships. Three hours later, as the seas and winds continue to rise and freshen, Reich turns his submarine directly at the column and fires all six of his bow torpedo tubes at the lead battleship. He then puts his submarine’s helm hard over in order to come about and bring his stern tubes to bear. He fires three stern tubes at the third ship in the column. At 0301 hours Reich sees three flashing torpedo hits strike the Kongo, sending towering waterspouts skyward. Three minutes later a much larger flashing thunderclap explosion is seen on the opposing, far distant side of the column as the Pearl Harbor veteran destroyer Urakaze runs afoul of several of Sealion’s torpedoes. She blows up and sinks immediately with all hands still aboard. Battleship searchlights snap on, probing the dark skies above with blinding fingers of brilliant light as their anti aircraft guns open fire, sending bright strings of tracer fire skyward in a vain search for non-existent enemy aircraft. For the stricken Kongo, one torpedo has struck its port bow in the anchor chain locker, ripping a major gash in her bow. The remaining torpedoes hit her port side amidships beneath the number 2 smokestack, flooding two of the boiler rooms. Nonetheless, Kongo is still able to continue steaming along with her escorting battleships, which are now zigzagging at 16 knots. However, her list to port is slowly beginning to increase. As the seas and winds increase, Reich orders Sealion’s engine room to go to full emergency overload speed in order to catch up and pass ahead of the Japanese column of ships to again attain another attack position on them. He keeps up the chase on the surface for the next two hours as Sealion begins taking on water in its engine room from huge waves now breaking over its open bridge and into its main induction valve. For the Kongo the constant pounding of the heavy waves and high rate of speed is beginning to tell on the damaged old battleship. In spite of her damage control crew’s constant shoring up and patching of the gash in the ship’s bow, the rate of flooding continues. As the damage to her torn bow increases, her list to port also grows. Kongo’s captain has no choice but to slow the battleship down to 11 knots as the remaining escorting warships move away and continue on their base course. At 0512 hours Reich slows his submarine to give his overburdened diesel engines a rest as he reaches attack position on the Kongo, who is slowing down even further. Sealion’s radar now shows the Kongo at a dead stop at a range of 17,000 yards, but her radar image seems to be shrinking and getting ever smaller with every passing second. Suddenly, a brilliant explosion lights up the darkened skies above the South China Sea, bathing the Sealion’s bridge in an unearthly light as the Kongo’s ammunition magazines detonate, sending her to the bottom. Kongo is the only Japanese battleship sunk by a submarine in WWII and the last battleship ever to be sunk by a submarine.

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By Ben Maxwell @ CVG

The Moscow-born unfortunate has been forced to live in his home city’s equivalent Metro system in order to avoid the radioactive fallout from a nuclear war, the resultant marauding mutants that now roam the world’s surface, and a mysterious group of beings known as the Dark Ones. And that’s even before you consider the re-emergence of Nazi and Communist armies vying for control of the tunnels.

Topping up your Oyster Card doesn’t seem like such a hassle now, does it? With Redux, Artyom’s struggle is more than doubled, as 4A Studios and Deep Silver have bundled both 2010′s Metro 2033 and its sequel, Last Light, together in one package, along with all the DLC released so far.

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