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amd-radeon-r7-series-240gb-ssdBy Marco Chiappetta @ HotHardware

AMD is calling the new family of drives, the Radeon R7 Series SSD, similar to its popular mid-range line of graphics cards. The new Radeon R7 Series SSDs feature OCZ and Toshiba technology, but with a proprietary firmware geared towards write performance and high endurance. We’ll give you the full scoop on the pages ahead, but first let’s take a look at the Radeon R7 Series’ specifications. If you’re familiar with some of OCZ’s higher-end drives (namely the Vector 150), some of these specs will probably ring a bell…

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razer-cortex-logoRazer expands software platform with the Razer Cortex: Deals price comparison engine

Razer, the world leader in entertainment devices and software, today announced a new platform to its suite of software products: Razer Cortex, a free software gaming application from which players can discover new game titles at the lowest prices, launch their games while boosting computer performance, back up save games and record in-game footage. Razer Cortex features include:

  • Razer Cortex: Deals – Pay less for more of your favorite games with Razer’s unique downloadable game price comparison engine.
  • Game Booster – Enhance your PC’s gaming performance with the popular boosting utilities from Razer Game Booster incorporated into Razer Cortex.
  • Save Game Manager – Automatically back up save games to the cloud and never lose a save game again.
  • Screen Capture Gallery – Immortalize your gaming moments with the touch of a hotkey.

Razer Cortex: Deals brings a game-changing offering to Razer’s growing software platform – the unique PC game comparison tool allows users to stay up to date on price drops, limited deals and exclusive offers for their favorite games.

Razer Cortex: Deals compares prices across the most popular downloadable game stores on a simple-to-use interface that highlights the best price and allows users to create Wish Lists where they receive notifications whenever the games on their lists drop in price or appear in a store’s deals.

Razer Cortex: Deals also includes a predictive function that suggests other games that users might enjoy based on their gaming activity.

Razer’s 10 million global users will get a competitive edge on the best deals across their favorite stores such as Amazon, Gamersgate, Gamestop,, Green Man Gaming, Steam and Origin, with more to come.

Early access event

From the 25th August to the launch of Razer Cortex on the 10th September, Razer is holding a two week long early access event where users can sign up with their Razer ID to join a queue. Participants will be progressively given access to test server performance for the upcoming launch.

Anyone with a Razer ID is free to join at

For more information on Razer Cortex and its array of features, please visit

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historical-article-rise-and-fall-of-an-imperial-dream-logoThe Japanese Battleship Fleet in WWII

By John Dudek @ The Wargamer

Location: Somewhere in the Formosa Strait off the coast of Formosa (Taiwan) and the Pescadores Islands.

Time and Date: Twenty minutes after midnight on the overcast night of 21 November 1944 …

Submarine USS Sealion’s Skipper, Lt. Commander Eli Reich, stands on his surfaced submarine’s open bridge hoping to fire his torpedoes at a column of three Japanese battleships and escorts located miles ahead of him. His submarine is running in hot pursuit at full flank speed attempting to make an “end run” in order to get ahead of the Japanese warships and gain an optimum firing position as soon as the column comes to bear. The three battleships, IJN Kongo, Nagato and Yamato and the heavy cruiser Yahagi astern are moving at 16 knots on a steady course while not zigzagging. Three destroyer escorts flank both sides of the Japanese column of warships. Three hours later, as the seas and winds continue to rise and freshen, Reich turns his submarine directly at the column and fires all six of his bow torpedo tubes at the lead battleship. He then puts his submarine’s helm hard over in order to come about and bring his stern tubes to bear. He fires three stern tubes at the third ship in the column. At 0301 hours Reich sees three flashing torpedo hits strike the Kongo, sending towering waterspouts skyward. Three minutes later a much larger flashing thunderclap explosion is seen on the opposing, far distant side of the column as the Pearl Harbor veteran destroyer Urakaze runs afoul of several of Sealion’s torpedoes. She blows up and sinks immediately with all hands still aboard. Battleship searchlights snap on, probing the dark skies above with blinding fingers of brilliant light as their anti aircraft guns open fire, sending bright strings of tracer fire skyward in a vain search for non-existent enemy aircraft. For the stricken Kongo, one torpedo has struck its port bow in the anchor chain locker, ripping a major gash in her bow. The remaining torpedoes hit her port side amidships beneath the number 2 smokestack, flooding two of the boiler rooms. Nonetheless, Kongo is still able to continue steaming along with her escorting battleships, which are now zigzagging at 16 knots. However, her list to port is slowly beginning to increase. As the seas and winds increase, Reich orders Sealion’s engine room to go to full emergency overload speed in order to catch up and pass ahead of the Japanese column of ships to again attain another attack position on them. He keeps up the chase on the surface for the next two hours as Sealion begins taking on water in its engine room from huge waves now breaking over its open bridge and into its main induction valve. For the Kongo the constant pounding of the heavy waves and high rate of speed is beginning to tell on the damaged old battleship. In spite of her damage control crew’s constant shoring up and patching of the gash in the ship’s bow, the rate of flooding continues. As the damage to her torn bow increases, her list to port also grows. Kongo’s captain has no choice but to slow the battleship down to 11 knots as the remaining escorting warships move away and continue on their base course. At 0512 hours Reich slows his submarine to give his overburdened diesel engines a rest as he reaches attack position on the Kongo, who is slowing down even further. Sealion’s radar now shows the Kongo at a dead stop at a range of 17,000 yards, but her radar image seems to be shrinking and getting ever smaller with every passing second. Suddenly, a brilliant explosion lights up the darkened skies above the South China Sea, bathing the Sealion’s bridge in an unearthly light as the Kongo’s ammunition magazines detonate, sending her to the bottom. Kongo is the only Japanese battleship sunk by a submarine in WWII and the last battleship ever to be sunk by a submarine.

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By Ben Maxwell @ CVG

The Moscow-born unfortunate has been forced to live in his home city’s equivalent Metro system in order to avoid the radioactive fallout from a nuclear war, the resultant marauding mutants that now roam the world’s surface, and a mysterious group of beings known as the Dark Ones. And that’s even before you consider the re-emergence of Nazi and Communist armies vying for control of the tunnels.

Topping up your Oyster Card doesn’t seem like such a hassle now, does it? With Redux, Artyom’s struggle is more than doubled, as 4A Studios and Deep Silver have bundled both 2010′s Metro 2033 and its sequel, Last Light, together in one package, along with all the DLC released so far.

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Snipers dare to enter the Belly of the Beast

Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast, a brand new singleplayer and co-op mission for Sniper Elite 3 and the second episode of a thrilling new campaign for the game which hit number 1 in multiple countries.

Save Churchill Part 2 is OUT NOW on Steam for PC, and will also debut alongside Part 1 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in September.

See gameplay from the new mission in the newly released trailer and screenshots.

Don’t. Look. Down.

Nestled high in the outlying mountains of North Morocco, a concealed Nazi facility straddles the steep canyon sides, mass-producing a new generation of experimental weapons.

But the factory hides an even darker secret – the interrogation of Allied prisoners for intelligence on the movements of the Allied leaders in the run up to the Casablanca conference.

Behind it all stands Raubvogel – mastermind of the Schutzvollstrecker, a secret faction of the German military, and would-be assassin of inspirational wartime leader Winston Churchill.

OSS agent Karl Fairburne nearly gave his life in the city of Siwa just to identify Raubvogel, and now he must infiltrate the intricate maze of walkways and lofty factory interiors, destroy the weapons and reveal the plans behind a world-shattering assassination attempt.

Even by this elite sniper’s standards this is an extraordinary mission, pitting him against Germany’s most terrifying troops, every one eager to unleash their deadly new weapons …
Can he escape the belly of the beast for one final showdown?

Wargaming is pleased to announce the global release of Update 1.5 for its flight combat MMO World of Warplanes. Update 1.5 introduces a brand new PvE game mode, inviting rookies to improve their aerial skills against computer-controlled aircraft, along with complex ground targets, a revamped superiority system, graphics improvements, and a new map.

World of Warplanes pilots can now take to the skies with the brand new 15 vs. 15 PvE mode, where a team of 3 – 5 players are supplemented by AI-controlled allies and compete with an enemy team of NPC warplanes. The PvE mode comes with original battle missions and achievements. Upon completion of each mission, ammo and equipment are automatically resupplied and the level of difficulty for each battle increases.

Update 1.5 introduces complex ground targets, making air-to-ground attacks more engaging for virtual pilots, as well as a complete overhaul of the game’s superiority system to balance the contribution of ground attack planes and fighters in a team’s victory.

Along with a new mode and changes in gameplay mechanics, the update will also add a new battle arena, Canyon, available for tier’s 3–10, a completely reworked National Park map available for tier’s 1–5, and new achievements for both beginners and seasoned players.

For more information on World of Warplanes Update 1.5 and to register for a free account, visit the games official website.

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ancient-space-boxNew Story-driven Real-Time Strategy Game With Stellar Cast Announced

Paradox Interactive today revealed that Ancient Space, a new story-driven real-time strategy (RTS) game from developer CreativeForge Games, will be coming to Windows and Mac PCs in Fall 2014.

Ancient Space is a single-player, real-time strategy title that puts the player in command of a fleet conducting a scientific mission on the edge of the known universe, charting what lies beyond in ‘The Black Zone.’ A rich and compelling story will guide the player as they build and upgrade their fleets and then survive overwhelming odds in deadly strategic missions.

See what awaits beyond the fringes in the Ancient Space announcement trailer.

Ancient Space mixes an engrossing single-player campaign story with time-honored RTS gameplay for a suspenseful experience. Mission objectives are many, varying from exploration to stealth, from assault to defense and more.

Ancient Space is host to a cast of characters voiced by fan-favorite actors from sci-fi television series and films, including:

  • John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise, True Blood)
  • Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Ron Glass (Firefly)
  • Richard Gunn (Dark Angel)
  • Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers, Star Trek: Nemesis, Saw)
  • Dwight Schultz (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager)

Ancient Space Features:

  • New Frontiers, Classic Gameplay: Build, maintain, upgrade, and strategically command a multitude of ships in tactical battles and missions, facing aliens, pirates, and the unknown
  • An Explosive Space Opera: A compelling story, performed by a stellar cast, follows the player as the fleet tackles questions of humanity and science in an epic single-player campaign
  • Live with Your Choices: Each mission advances the plot, and introduces new challenges to be met by choosing the right crew and the right upgrades for the job

For more information on Ancient Space, visit the games official website.

We are very pleased to announce, along with The Lordz Games Studio, the release of the 1.52 update for the PC version of Commander: The Great War! This patch comes with loads of fixes and improvements for an enhanced gameplay experience.

This time the focus was set on the AI and technical issues reported by the community. With this new boost the AI is likely to provide an even tougher challenge, so good luck commanders!

Please find below the official changelog of the 1.52 update.

PC and Steam versions:

  • Various AI crashes fixed including the AI crash caused by incorrect embarking and the long (to infinite) AI turn loops
  • Fixed a problem with loading game when custom unit name has “,” (comma)
  • Fixed Unmoved unit cycling with PageUp/PageDown keys
  • Introduced double click to confirm action or move to reduce accidental actions/moves
  • Rendering via Direct3D support
  • Fixed a bug in the Steam installer causing game not always starting
  • Fixed camera AI swinging bug by auto zoom-out on turn end
  • Added link to gameplay support forum

Click here to download the 1.52 patch. Steam will download the update automatically.

Get more information on Commander: The Great War from its official game page.

Last week the Early Access program for Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager closed its doors. The game is now on the launch pad and the countdown has started. The official launch is scheduled for October 31st and engineers from Polar Motion are working hard to offer a safe and exotic flight to the players.

Not only has the Early Access program helped the developers to fine-tune their game but also it contributed to exploring new possibilities. As a result the final version of Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager will benefit from a more ambitious scope than initially planned. Among the features regularly requested from the early adopters was a multiplayer mode. From the very beginning the game was developed to provide only solo space odysseys, and integrating an engaging multiplayer mode seemed to be very challenging. But the idea immediately caught on around the development team and Polar Motion is really excited to announce that both solo and multiplayer modes will be available at release!

In the multiplayer mode – powered by our convenient and versatile PBEM++ technology -players will be able to relive the ruthless race for dominance in space between the US and the Soviet Union. They will have to choose their side and run a space agency with only one goal in mind: be the first to the Moon! Being notified when their competitor completes successfully their missions; they will feel the same pressure as Managing Directors did during the Cold War. Alternatively a Free Mode will be available to let the players make their own multiplayer space adventures.

Get more information on Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager from its official product page.