Commander: The Great War v1.52 Patch

We are very pleased to announce, along with The Lordz Games Studio, the release of the 1.52 update for the PC version of Commander: The Great War! This patch comes with loads of fixes and improvements for an enhanced gameplay experience.

This time the focus was set on the AI and technical issues reported by the community. With this new boost the AI is likely to provide an even tougher challenge, so good luck commanders!

Please find below the official changelog of the 1.52 update.

PC and Steam versions:

  • Various AI crashes fixed including the AI crash caused by incorrect embarking and the long (to infinite) AI turn loops
  • Fixed a problem with loading game when custom unit name has “,” (comma)
  • Fixed Unmoved unit cycling with PageUp/PageDown keys
  • Introduced double click to confirm action or move to reduce accidental actions/moves
  • Rendering via Direct3D support
  • Fixed a bug in the Steam installer causing game not always starting
  • Fixed camera AI swinging bug by auto zoom-out on turn end
  • Added link to gameplay support forum

Click here to download the 1.52 patch. Steam will download the update automatically.

Get more information on Commander: The Great War from its official game page.