The Division 2 Warlords of New York Season 4 is Live

tom-clancys-the-division-2The Division 2’s fourth Season, End of Watch, is now live and available for all Warlords of New York expansion owners. As soon as your complete the New York campaign and return to Washington D.C., the Season is open before you.

Your Prime Target this season is the once loyal agent twice turned traitor; Faye Lau, who now leads Black Tusk in Bardon Schaeffer’s stead along with her own cell of fellow Rogue SHD agents.

Your first target, Viper, is already available and can be tracked down by completing various missions, control points, and bounties throughout the map. Eliminate Viper and take your first step towards bringing down Faye Lau.

As always when a new manhunt target becomes available, you will be able to earn double XP for the first 15 levels during first 7 days of the manhunt.

What else lies in store for Season 4? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Season 4 – End of Watch is filled with Leagues, Global Events, Manhunt Targets, and more. Tuesday of each week will bring the beginning of a new event as we move through Season 4.
  • TCTD2 WONY Season 4+Branding Calendar 960×540 final
  • Seasonal Levels – As in Seasons past, 100 levels are available to earn throughout the season. Prior season experience does not count here – as all 100 levels are reset to be earned again. Season XP is earned from all activities and difficulties, so take the Season at your own pace and enjoy!
  • After reaching Season Level 100, every SHD Level increases will also yield a Field Proficiency Cache!
  • Season Pass – The optional Season Pass is available for 1000 Premium Credits ($10 or your regional equivalent) in the in-game store, granting additional cosmetics and opportunities for season gear as you progress. The Season Pass also adds a Daily Project for a hard difficulty Main Mission that grants extra XP to help you get those level rewards!
  • Seasonal Manhunt Targets – A new target unlocks every 3 weeks, alongside a double XP event, providing an opportunity to progress quicker for the first 15 levels gained that week. Take down all four Lieutenants, Viper, Kestrel, Magnus, and Circe, to unlock the Prime Target, Faye Lau. Upon finishing the Manhunt, you’ll earn the new unique Skill variant, the Achilles Pulse.

Watch the official The Division 2 – Warlords of New York – Season Four Overview trailer HERE.

More game information can be found on the official Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 website.