NVIDIA Releases GeForce 460.79 Game Ready Drivers

nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA today released the GeForce 460.79 WHQL Game Ready drivers. These drivers come on the eve of what’s easily the year’s most anticipated game release—Cyberpunk 2077, and the drivers come with optimization, including support for DLSS and RTX raytracing. Also included is day-one optimization for Minecraft with RTX for Windows 10.

Among the issues fixed with GeForce 460.79 WHQL are an artifact noticed on certain Forza Motorsport 7 race tracks. Display color format changing from RGB to ycbcr422 on certain high refresh-rate displays has been fixed. G-Sync with 3x display Surround causing certain games to freeze at launch, which has been fixed. An issue causing NVAPI returning an incorrect Tensor core count for RTX 30-series GPUs has been fixed. MPC-HC crashing on playback of videos with 1088-pixel width has been fixed. Certain display settings relevant to 5K displays has been fixed. NVIDIA also expanded the list of G-Sync compatible displays.

You can download the GeForce 460.79 WHQL Game Ready drivers via GeForce.com.