ICBM – Free Demo Now Available

icbmThe Steam Game Festival is here and with it comes an exciting development. The ICBM free playable demo is out now and you can download it here. But you will want to hurry, it will only be available until the 13th of October.

ICBM is the ultimate game to play with all of your friends and the demo is no exception. Go nuclear with up to 8 players in a game where the only winning move is not allowing yourself to be turned into a glow crater. Forget rooks and pawns, missiles of every imaginable size and payload will be the pieces by which entire continents will be moved and removed. Practice against the A.I. and perfect those strategies as ICBM is going to be the game that entertains match after match.

Note that the game is still in development so you may encounter some of these known issues.

If you have any feedback or you find an issue not listed here, be sure to let us know on the Steam discussion forums. Also, be sure to join the Discord server and become part of a community of 600 ICBM fans who can’t wait to finally nuke each other for free.

Find out more about ICBM on the games official product page.