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metro-exodusThe second episode in this three-part documentary series exploring the origins of the team behind the Metro video game series is out now

Deep Silver and 4A Games today released Part Two of The Making of Metro Exodus – a three part documentary series filmed on location in Kiev and Malta at 4A Games’ two studios as they put the finishing touches on the upcoming Metro Exodus.

Featuring interviews with key personnel at 4A Games, archive footage and photos, and never-seen-before materials from the 5 year development of Metro Exodus from the earliest concept stage, this series takes fans to the heart of the creative process behind 4A Games’ most ambitious project to date.

In Episode Two, we learn about the powerful 4A Engine – the studio’s cutting edge in-house tech – and the incredible attention to detail that goes into creating Metro’s distinctive weapons.

Also, Deep Silver and 4A Games today revealed the recommended PC specs for Metro Exodus. Thanks to the scalability of the 4A Engine, Metro Exodus will offer a great experience on entry-level hardware, but enthusiasts will be able to stretch the latest video cards to the limit at 4K / 60FPS with Extreme settings.

Visit the official Metro Exodus website for more game information.

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command-live-the-king-of-the-borderFor weeks, military observers have reported the worsening of the relations between Venezuela and Colombia. The escalation has been reported after a series of incidents occurred on the frontier.

The fear is that a full-scale regional conflict would erupt soon, especially now that the news of a naval Russian expeditionary force diving toward the Venezuelan island of La Orchila is being confirmed. The United States has declared that they will support the government of Bogotà against any aggression.

Venezuela and Colombia have both battle-hardened Armed Forces, backed up by the powerful arsenals of – respectively – Russia and the United States.

The situation is pretty uncertain and even the experts have a hard time in predicting the outcomes.

Do you want to know more? Take a look at the report our Command LIVE team dispatched in the are has sent!

Command LIVE: The King of the Border will be out on January 31st!

fractal-design-meshify-s2By Parm Mann @ HEXUS

HEXUS readers were divided on their opinions of Fractal Design’s Meshify C when the mid-tower chassis launched back in 2017. One user called it “a case of arbitrary angle syndrome,” while another “quite liked the modern art vibe of the front mesh design.”

Said case was Fractal’s attempt to offer something different from its typically staid enclosures, and though we’re historically fond of the firm’s Define Series, it was nice to see Meshify mix things up a bit. We evidently weren’t alone, as sales of Meshify C were strong enough for Fractal to conjure up a larger alternative in the form of the Meshify S2.

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amd-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019Source: TechPowerUp!

AMD yesterday released the latest version of their Radeon Adrenalin Graphics Drivers. Version 19.1.2 Beta adds support for the remaster of Resident Evil 2, a long-awaited title, as well as for Tropico 6 and Anthem’s Early Access build. Anthem support brings with it an additional 7% performance uplift at 1080p resolution with AMD’s RX 580 graphics card. Some issues such as black screens on reboot and flickering issues in rocket League with FreeSync have also been fixed.

The new Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.2 Beta drivers are available online at the AMD driver download page.

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operation-flashpoint-cold-war-crisisSource: Blue’s News

A new video from GVMERS is a documentary on the “rise and fall” of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Bohemia Interactive’s debut military first-person shooter. The video discusses the breakthrough nature of the game, conflicts between Bohemia Interactive and publisher Codemasters, and how this eventually led to Arma, the spiritual successor to OpFlashpoint that soldiers on to this day. Here’s a bit:

In 1997, a video game company named Bohemia Interactive was established in Prague. The Czech Republic had historically never been a hotbed for video game development, but Bohemia’s founders – Marek Španěl, Ondřej Španěl, and Slavomír Pavlíček – were on a mission. They were determined to create a first person shooter that would capture the reality of war more accurately than any game before it; an engrossing simulation that would depict what real battlefields were like, and feature an unprecedented sense of scale and attention to detail.

metro-exodusAnd stay tuned for in-depth videos covering each unique class of weapon in the coming weeks

Deep Silver and 4A Games today revealed the Metro Exodus Weapons Trailer. Packed with brand new footage and stunning tear-downs of the iconic hand-made guns of post-apocalyptic Russia, this trailer reveals the devastating arsenal of weapons used by Artyom and his band of Spartans as they journey across Russia.

The Metro series has always been famed for its unique firearms – for Metro Exodus, 4A Games completely overhauled the weapons system, ensuring each gun was mechanically functional, and could be customised in the field allowing for hundreds of tactical permutations. Weapons now need to be cleaned and maintained to prevent overheating and jamming, adding another dimension to Metro’s immersive gameplay.

In addition to the Weapons Trailer, Deep Silver will release additional in-depth videos of the coming weeks that take a deeper dive into the four main classes – Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles and Special Weapons. These videos will show just a fraction of the possible combinations players will be able to scavenge and customise in the Russian wastelands.

And tune in to the official Metro Exodus YouTube channel tomorrow for a closer look at the Rifles class, featuring the iconic Kalash, the deadly Bulldog and Anna’s weapon of choice, the powerful Valve.

Visit the official Metro Exodus website for more game information.

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msi-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-lightning-zBy Matthew Lambert @ Bit-Tech

With the RTX 2080 Ti having been available for about four months now, we’re starting to see the second wave of third-party cards that go above and beyond the “regular” air-cooled models. The Asus Matrix, EVGA Kingpin, and MSI Lightning Z were all shown off at CES 2019, for example, and it’s the latter we’ve managed to get our hands on for today’s review. For MSI, the Lightning series has always been about pushing the GPU in question to the limit with quality components, high-end cooling, and nods towards extreme overclocking – and a very high price tag to match. For this generation, MSI is bringing Lightning solely to RTX 2080 Ti.

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samsung-970-evo-plus-ssdBy Billy Tallis @ AnandTech

The first retail consumer SSDs to be updated with new 96-layer 3D NAND flash memory are the Samsung 970 EVO Plus. The 970 EVO Plus will be replacing the 970 EVO as Samsung’s mainstream consumer NVMe SSD. Today we are reviewing two of the launch drives: the 970 EVO Plus at 250GB, and the 970 EVO Plus at 1TB. These two drives are Samsung’s attack on both the mainstream and high capacity markets, while the new NAND has a focus more on power than driving down overall costs per GB. Performance per watt is a key focus of these drives.

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amd-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019Source: TechPowerUp!

AMD late Monday released WHQL-signed Radeon Software Adrenalin 19.1.1 drivers. These drivers are identical in features and changes to January 11 release of Adrenalin 19.1.1 as a Beta. Among the key changes over the previous 18.12.3 drivers include performance optimization for “Fortnite,” bug fixes for Virtual Super Resolution (VSR), graphics card fan zero-fan mode not correctly engaging when toggled on/off in Radeon Settings, incorrect software update notifications in Radeon Settings Advisor, and multi-monitor systems experiencing a mouse pointer lag when one of the displays is enabled but powered off.

The new Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.1 WHQL drivers are available online at the AMD driver download page.

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