Command LIVE: The King of the Border Report

command-live-the-king-of-the-borderFor weeks, military observers have reported the worsening of the relations between Venezuela and Colombia. The escalation has been reported after a series of incidents occurred on the frontier.

The fear is that a full-scale regional conflict would erupt soon, especially now that the news of a naval Russian expeditionary force diving toward the Venezuelan island of La Orchila is being confirmed. The United States has declared that they will support the government of Bogotà against any aggression.

Venezuela and Colombia have both battle-hardened Armed Forces, backed up by the powerful arsenals of – respectively – Russia and the United States.

The situation is pretty uncertain and even the experts have a hard time in predicting the outcomes.

Do you want to know more? Take a look at the report our Command LIVE team dispatched in the are has sent!

Command LIVE: The King of the Border will be out on January 31st!