Total War: Arena Gergovia Map Released – New Patch

total-war-arena-logoA brand new battlefield has been added to Total War: Arena, Gergovia is the largest and most detailed map to date and joins Thermopylae, Marathon, Salernum, Alps, Rubicon and Germania in the map roster for the Total War: Arena Closed Beta.

By fighting through the twisting streets of the town, Gergovia is rife with tight corners and hiding spots that allow for devastating encounters with often little room to escape. Getting cornered can lead to a swift demise. With the Roman siege garrison on one side, and the Gallic reinforcement camp on the other; win control of the town and it’s a clear downhill push towards the enemy encampment.

Check out the Gergovia Map Spotlight Video now for further details on this new battlefield.

Alongside the new map update, a new patch has been released for Total War: Arena – full patch notes can we viewed here.

Key updates include:

  •  Players can no longer place deployables (stakes, caltrops) inside enemy units.
  •  Militades rebalanced to make him more effective as a commander.
  •  Further optimised matchmaking.

Total War: Arena is a free-to-play, team-based strategy game, putting players in the middle of epic-scale battles. Using key elements of award-winning Total War design, it is made from the ground-up for multiplayer realtime strategy fans, with players going head-to-head in 10v10 battles.

It is easy and quick to join the Closed Beta, sign up here.