Order of Battle: Morning Sun Released

order-of-battle-morning-sunAfter the incredible success of the wargame Order of Battle: Pacific and its free DLC Battle of Britain, the developers from The Artistocrats studio have raised the level of the challenge!

With their new expansion Order of Battle: Morning Sun they have switched the focus onto the Second Sino-Japanese War, which started few years before the attack on Pearl Harbour in World War II.

In Order of Battle: Morning Sun you will take control over the Japanese forces in their attempt to take advantage of the Republic of China. But you will soon discover that better equipment and training could be counteracted by force of numbers and by fierce resistance in the backlines!

Watch the launch trailer here.

Discover new iconic units and face the vastness of the battles employing tanks, air fighters, amphibious assaults, and even war horses!

Grab the game now!

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Order of Battle: Morning Sun is an expansion for Order of Battle: Pacific and requires the base game to be played.