Victory and Glory: Napoleon Screenshots

victory-and-glory-napoleonAfter the success of the funding campaign on Kickstarter for the Board Game Victory and Glory, developers from Electric Games are eager to show a new bunch of awesome screenshots for the PC version!

Far from being a mere adaptation from the Board Game, the digital version of Victory and Glory features a vicious and challenging AI, forcing you to use all of your abilities to prevail with diplomatic and military actions alike!

The new screenshots add more details about the scope of the game, featuring a British Blockade along the Channel, an unstable balance of Power in Spain, the defeat of Austria and more!

The game is still in Beta and if you want to help us in giving the final touches you can apply here.

Victory and Glory: Napoleon is a game of grand strategy and fast-play tactical battles where you take the role of Napoleon Bonaparte and attempt to dominate the entire continent of Europe. You will move armies and navies, fight great battles, recruit new troops, and add new regions to your empire. The AI controls Great Britain and the other allied nations and troops that comprise an ever-changing alliance bent on stopping you!

Can you carve out a European empire that will survive the growing threat from perfidious Albion and her allies? Can you change history and do better than L’Empereur?

Get more information about Victory and Glory: Napoleon from its official Product Page!