AMD Catalyst 15.11 Beta Drivers Released For Black Ops III

By Nathan Kirsch @ Legit Reviews

AMD has released Catalyst 15.11 Beta drivers that contain performance optimizations for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The beta drivers can be downloaded here and contain eight other bug fixes. For example Ashes of the Singularity shouldn’t crash on some AMD Radeon 300-series cards now or fail to launch on video cards that have just 2GB of video memory. AMD Also fixed a timeout error that was discovered on Star Wars: Battlefront and Hitman Pro. These are all pretty big bug fixes, so it looks like this driver is a must. This driver still has a number of known issues though. The largest issue is going to impact those playing Black Ops III today with an AMD Radeon CrossFire multi-GPU setup. Those folks playing in DirectX11 mode with AMD Crossfire enabled might see a flickering issue.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers are still said to be coming later this month after AMD completes the brand new driver package. Could this be the last Catalyst driver launch?