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worldofwarships-logoPlayers can gain exclusive warships and other great content

World of Warships is excited to offer players the chance to upgrade their gaming experience with a great selection of pre-order packages in the run-up to the Open Beta. Offered in these exclusive packages are rare warships, Premium Account, and Gold Doubloons.

Included in select pre-order packages are three powerful warships. The Japanese cruiser Yubari combines excellent maneuverability and a devastating anti-aircraft armament, making this ship a crack shot in any situation. When adding her speed into the mix, the Yubari is a vessel able to stalk the seas and turn anything the ocean launches at her into scrap.

The nimble American Sims destroyer is a jack of all trades; its high speed lets players dodge enemy fire and unleash its dual-purpose guns against destroyers and light cruisers. It’s no slouch defensively either; this vessel’s smokescreens and torpedoes can save friendly ships from the most dangerous situations.

Finally, the sneaky USSR Gremyashchiy, a destroyer capable of approaching battleships undetected, launching deadly torpedo strikes, and then making a swift retreat. Fast, agile, and maneuverable—she has it all—the Gremyashchiy is a watery assassin.

There are several packages available for players that include combinations of exclusive warships, Premium Account, and Gold Doubloons.

Pre-order packages can be purchased by the player for their account, or given to a friend as a gift. Closed Beta testers will have access to their purchased packages immediately. When the Open Beta commences, the packages will be credited to players once again.

Please note that buying a pre-order package does not grant a player access to the Closed Beta. All the packages are available at the Premium Shop:

More game info available via the official World of Warships website.

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verdun-logoGood news reaches the trenches!

Joyous news for the troops in the trenches; the official launch date for Verdun is set on the 28 th of April 2015! During the Steam Early Access, the developers have taken the time to perfect the game. By listening to the community’s desires the game has grown into a unique FPS with a lot of historical depth, something the developers have always strived for.

The constant development and releases of updates have created a close and dedicated community that the developers can be proud of. The most notable improvements are; the introduction of the dreadful and iconic gas weapon combined with a claustrophobic gas-mask experience, the introduction of new troops, realistic maps such as the swampy Flanders map and the Artois map, and the Unity 5 engine upgrade which was a big improvement on performance and stability. Of this and more, a ‘Verdun – Development progress’ trailer has been released.

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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The Greatest Tactical Wargames, Now With Even More Greatness!

Can you feel it? The crackle of electricity in the air. That tingle of anticipation running down your spine. It’s that time of year. Once more the season is upon us! The winSPWW2 and winSPMBT upgrades of awesome awesomeness season! Two whirlwinds of content set to shatter your expectations of just how good these two games can get are heading your way.

Available for immediate download from Shrapnel Games, the version 8.0 winSPWW2 and version 9.0 winSPMBT upgrade patches continue the annual tradition of improving the winSPWW2 and winSPMBT experience with more content, additional enhancements, and when needed, the elimination of errors. These are consolidation upgrades, allowing those who have not previously upgraded an easier path to bring their games up to date. The upgrades can be downloaded directly from the individual product pages. Just look for the links under the ‘Downloads’ section.

Read the official press release for a complete list of changes.

brother-against-brother-boxToday Matrix Games has revealed another super detailed Battle Map for the upcoming Brother against Brother!

The Battle of Mill Springs took place in Pulaski and Wayne counties, Kentucky, and was a first major victory for the Union troops led by General George Henry Thomas.

As always, we are giving you access to the map and its elegant 20 page PDF Booklet with detailed Orders of Battle of both forces on the battlefield, and a valuable description of the various phases of the battle.

Download the full package here or click here to browse the map online!

Map and Booklet are added to the download section of the product page!

Get more information about the game from its official product page.

pike-and-shot-boxPike & Shot Updated to Version 1.0.4!

“Monarchs ought to put to death the authors and instigators of war, as their sworn enemies and as dangers to their states.” (Elizabeth I – Queen of England and Ireland)

Tercio to Salvo– the first expansion of the acclaimed wargame set in the iron century, is finally released for PC!

Following in the footsteps of the base game Tercio to Salvo introduces brand new conflicts and nations for a refreshing wargaming experience!

The expansion includes 10 historical scenarios that depict iconic European battles from the 16th and early 17th centuries and 49 new army lists for the skirmish mode, allowing the fans to generate an infinite numbers of what-if scenarios with diversified settings and troop types.

A terrific 50% launch discount is available on PC only!

We are also going to offer a free Steam key to anyone who bought a copy of the PC version from the Matrix Games or Slitherine store!

All of this and more!

Pike and Shot is updated to Version 1.0.4! Important improvements will make the gameplay more enjoyable than ever, with more accurate stats for specific units and more choices in skirmish generated maps like the type of terrain.

But the list is very long so be sure to check the full changelog HERE.

You can download the patch from HERE.

Get more information on Pike & Shot from its official game page.

The video focuses on the modern ammunition and armor types which players will be able to use in the game

Source: Gamer’s Hell, the subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, and Obsidian Entertainment have released a new video developer diary for Armored Warfare, the highly anticipated upcoming tank combat MMO video game that promises stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience.

In Armored Warfare, players will take on the role of private military contractors who are called into action throughout a modern virtual world. Overseeing their own personal command base, players will expand, enhance, and customize their headquarters, manage and upgrade their military convoy of vehicles, and train and develop their crews through a robust reputation and experience system. Dynamic environments in Armored Warfare require players to change strategies on the battlefield at a moment’s notice keeping them ever vigilant to the tides of battle. In addition, players will be able to join Clans and participate in large scale Territory Wars in the power struggle for world domination.

For more information on Armored Warfare, visit the games official website.

1С Game Studios announces the launch of Early Access Pre-Orders for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow on the game’s official website.

Battle of Moscow is the continuation of the legendary Sturmovik combat flight-simulation series for the PC and it will include a large-scale map (270 x 290 km) and several famous Russian, German, American and Italian aircraft that have been recreated from detailed drawings and blueprints. The planes featured are the I-16 Type 24, Bf 109 E-7, MiG-3, Bf 109 F-2, IL-2 model 1941, Bf 110 E-2, Pe-2 Series 35, Ju 88 A-4, P-40 E-1 and MC.202 Series VIII.

The Premium Edition is being offered first, with the Standard Edition to follow later this year. Pre-Order customers will be given Early Access to game content starting as early as summer 2015. Early Access players will be able to use the Quick Mission Builder and dogfight in Multiplayer months before final release. The final product will also include a challenging Campaign that tells the story of the Battle of Moscow and seasonal terrain textures for summer, fall and winter landscapes.

Battle of Moscow will be fully compatible with 1CGS’s previous title IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad through a single user account and game interface. Also, any copy of Battle of Moscow purchased, whether from the official website or from Steam is going to be compatible with all previous IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad editions, including ones previously bought from Steam.

Battle of Moscow will also include all the advanced physics, ballistics, flight-models and damage modeling that is the hallmark of the Sturmovik series, while at the same time being accessible to both novices and experts alike with adjustable difficulty settings, graphics options and programmable controls.

biostar-hi-fi-z97z7-moboBy Sandy Bruce @ PureOC

Biostar has released multiple “Hi-Fi” models over the last few years that were designed to fill the mainstream and multimedia space. With a heavy focus on audio reproduction and connectivity, these boards have done well in this arena. This is the first time we can recall Biostar taking a considerable interest in the overall appearance and some features geared towards the performance side of things. This new approach has genuinely piqued our interest. We do however remain cautious for fear it may turn out to be a budget board in mid-range product’s clothing. Fancy box? Fancy board? Fingers crossed that this is the start of a transition to greater things in the future. For now, to see what we really have on hand, we will have to peel back layers of the Biostar Hi-Fi Z97Z7.

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intel-ssd-750-series-1.2tbBy Steven Walton @ TechSpot

Since we heard that Intel ‘August Ridge’ SSDs would ship in PCIe form, with speeds exceeding 1000MB/s, we’ve been eagerly waiting for their return to the enthusiast desktop market. The company is now ready to deliver on the promise with its first PCI Express Gen3 x4 solid state drive, officially known as the Intel SSD 750 Series.

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