Biostar Hi-FI Z97Z7 MotherBoard Review

biostar-hi-fi-z97z7-moboBy Sandy Bruce @ PureOC

Biostar has released multiple “Hi-Fi” models over the last few years that were designed to fill the mainstream and multimedia space. With a heavy focus on audio reproduction and connectivity, these boards have done well in this arena. This is the first time we can recall Biostar taking a considerable interest in the overall appearance and some features geared towards the performance side of things. This new approach has genuinely piqued our interest. We do however remain cautious for fear it may turn out to be a budget board in mid-range product’s clothing. Fancy box? Fancy board? Fingers crossed that this is the start of a transition to greater things in the future. For now, to see what we really have on hand, we will have to peel back layers of the Biostar Hi-Fi Z97Z7.

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