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command-live-don-of-a-new-eraAfter violent demonstrations in Eastern Ukraine and Moldova, the Command: LIVE Team has been dispatched and has collected many evidences of mounting tensions, possibly fueled by Moscow. While the United States are concentrating their attention on what’s happening in the Middle East, a new conflict in Eastern Europe could allow the Kremlin to act more aggressively in the region.

Can NATO counter the Russian Ambitions?

Watch the report here.

Command LIVE: Don of a New Era will be available on November 2nd!

command-live-don-of-a-new-eraOur Command LIVE News Editorial team never stops keeping you informed! The fire seems still smoldering across the Don River, and rumors of multiple boarders skirmishes have been confirmed! If Russia mobilizes, could NATO prevents her moves? What could be her objectives?

Find it out in this in-depth analysis (.PDF)!

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command-live-don-of-a-new-eraThe recent asymmetrical conflict in Ukraine is only the last one plaguing the region. Situation is still fragile in Moldova and Transnistria, where tensions between Pro-Russian separatists and the rest of the population are part of the daily agenda.

How far Moscow will want to go further in escalating the conflict? And will the NATO countries be able to overcome their differences and act as a whole?

Don of a New Era is the latest installment in the acclaimed Command LIVE series, and it aims to explore this what if scenario, designed with a huge emphasis on the high tech arsenals NATO and Russia could employ in a conflict like this.

A full analysis of the situation has been dispatched and will be available soon!

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command-live-spratly-spatThe dispute over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea has reached a turning point.

China has never hidden her intent to extend her power in the region, both diplomatically and militarily. And the nearby countries have always tried to do the same, in temporary coalitions or alone. The United States, despite their interest in countering the Chinese’s ambitions, have been involved too much in the Middle East to be able to have a strong presence in these waters.

But now, Beijing has decided to raise the stakes deploying the aircraft carrier Liaoning, switching the balance of power in her favour.

How long this situation could last before it escalates in a larger conflict?

Spratly Spat, the third title in the Command LIVE series, has been released! This scenario is an exploration of what could happen if the regional powers around the Spratly Islands unite and – with limited assistance of the US – challenge the Chinese Navy!

Command Live: Spratly Spat is an expansion of Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations and requires the base game to be played

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command-live-spratly-spatThe Command LIVE News Team has just sent his last reportage, directly from the frontline!

Things are getting critical around the Spratly Islands, as China seems to have deployed her aircraft carrier PLAN Liaoning, and rumors of military exercises run by Vietnam, Philippines (with a limited support from the US) in the region have been confirmed!

Are we close to an open conflict in the South China Sea?

Watch the latest report here.

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command-live-spratly-spatThe South China Sea is an area where the economic and geopolitical struggles bubble just covered under the surface. Numerous low-intensity conflicts have erupted over the years, and many countries have tried to extend their territorial claims over key islands and atolls.

In particular, domain over the Spratly Islands have been strongly disputed by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines and other nations. The large reserves of oil and the huge volume of maritime traffic make this area crucial to the regions balance of power.

China, the strongest player in this delicate game, has recently strengthen her sea power, deploying her first aircraft carrier – the PLAN Liaoning – with the clear intent to achieve definitive military superiority, dissuading her rivals from direct military action.

However this deployment itself has disrupted the balance of power. Could it lead to an escalation that ends with open conflict for regional supremacy?

Command LIVE: Spratly Spat, the third installment in the ambitious Command LIVE series, will explore this fictional – although perfectly credible – situation!

A full analysis of the situation has been dispatched and it is already available!

Stay tuned! Command Live: Spratly Spat will be released on September, 20th!

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command-live-old-grudges-never-dieBy James Cobb @ The Wargamer

Middle-aged or older players will no doubt get a frisson of déjà vu when they read today’s headlines: two super powers and a confusing mix of proxies involved in the volatile Middle East and Russia apparently trying to regain lost areas of the Soviet Union as NATO loses coherence. WarfareSims and Slitherine/Matrix uses Command Modern Air and Naval Operations (CMANO) to simulate both these situations in the first two expansions of their new Command LIVE program: “Old Grudges Never Die” and “You Brexit, You Fix It”. Insights gained in these DLCs will disrupt a restful sleep.

Read on…

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Matrix Games has announced the release of Command LIVE: You Brexit, You Fix!  an expansion of Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations and requires the base game to be played. Read more:

command-live-you-brexit-you-fix-itAfter decades of slow integration, Europe has to face a decisive turning point. British citizens have expressed their will to leave the Union, adding a new element of instability in a Continent already plagued by economic stagnation and pressed by multiple crisis.

The unpredictability that has followed this event must not be underestimated in the short period.

While Europe is struggling to act as a whole, Russia is trying to turn this new geopolitical situation to its advantage.

Even if weakened by western sanctions, Moscow has showed to the world to have the political will to pursue ambitious projects, despite high risks.

The Baltic States have always been considered by the Russians as part of their historical Sphere of Influence, and several thousands of troops have been already deployed in the region to conduct extensive military exercises.

Maybe this is the right moment to take advantage of Europe’s lack of cohesion and deliver a surgical – but devastating – blow to NATO?

Play history as it happens in the second episode from the Command LIVE series!

You Brexit, You Fix it! is military strategy at his finest, featuring two playable factions – NATO countries and allies against the Russian Federation – fighting a highly technological war!

Expect intense air and naval combats, and the deployment of some of the most modern equipment in use: F-22 & Eurofighter Typhoon featured fighting side by side, the Russian SS-26 Iskander Short Range Ballistic Missile system, S-400 SAMs, SM-3 – Theater Ballistic Missile Defense missiles as well as some of the newest and most capable ships in NATO and the Russian Federation inventory.

The game is an expansion for Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations and require the base game to be played.

Command LIVE: You Brexit, You Fix! it is also available on Steam!

command-live-you-brexit-you-fix-itTime has come for another reportage from our Command LIVE News team on the ground!

How the Brexit referendum will impact on the quintessential Western collective defense, the North Atlantic Alliance?

Are the rumors of a Russian mobilization in the east confirmed? And how much effective would be a European countermove?

Watch the Video Reportage HERE and find the answers!

Command LIVE: You Brexit, You Fix it will be available on August, 23rd!

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command-live-you-brexit-you-fix-itWe have received from the Command LIVE News Report editorial team their second dispatch (.PDF), and as expected, this time is entirely focused on the Brexit situation!

A truly in-depth analysis, essential to better understand the military implications for NATO and Europe after this extremely important referendum.

Stay tuned for further updates! Get more information about You Brexit, You Fix it from its official product page!