The Battle of Rzhev has begun in Enlisted

enlistedNew update brings visual updates, new weapons, gear and maps

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of a major update “Rzhev” for the online military shooter Enlisted. It brings significantly improved graphics, new missions dedicated to the famous Battle of Rzhev, as well as new squads, weapons, and military vehicles.

The Battle of Rzhev is a series of operations in 1942-1943, during which the Red Army eliminated the Rzhev-Vyazma ledge, from which German troops threatened Moscow. Eyewitnesses recalled this battle as a crazy meat grinder, and in terms of the significance and fierceness of the battles it was comparable to Stalingrad. Players in Enlisted will visit several iconic points of Rzhev, i.e. the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the city hall, the central market, the shopping area and steep cliffs to the left bank of the Volga river. On the approaches to the city, battles will take place in industrial zones with a grain elevator and in the ruins of the suburban village of Teterino, of which mostly only the outlines of houses remain.

The Rzhev update features dozens of brand new or improved weapons and military vehicles – for example, the American T20 rifle, the Japanese KE-7 machine gun, the Soviet KV-2 tank (1940) with a powerful 152-mm howitzer and the German 8.8 cm Flak 37 Sfl. tank destroyer that can shoot down aircraft and tear armored vehicles to shreds with equal ease. Squads of radio operators can now call in rocket artillery strikes – the first to receive this opportunity are the 26th Guards Signal Battalion of the USSR and the 332nd Infantry Regiment of Germany.

Finally, Enlisted has improved the operation of Global Illumination technology on PC and PlayStation 5, which has made the game much more beautiful without sacrificing performance. The propagation of light has become even more realistic, and the game is visually richer: the developers have added specular lighting, increased its display distance, and also added detailed reflections.

Watch the Rzhev Update trailer HERE.

You can read more about the contents of the Rzhev update on the official Enlisted website.