War Thunder to release “Seek & Destroy” update in June

Air battles in War Thunder will reach a new level

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the online military shooter War Thunder will receive the “Seek & Destroy” major content update in June. It will bring medium-range air-to-air missiles with active radar guidance (also known as FOX-3), Belgium and the Netherlands aviation, the Canadian version of the Leopard 2 MBT and dozens of other ground, sea and air military vehicles.

FOX-3 missiles operate autonomously and do not require constant “illumination” of the target, though when launching from longer ranges, it’s most optimal to track a target in TWS (Track-While-Scan) mode to provide radio correction. The Radiation Warning Receiver (RWR), however, will warn the target of the approaching missile and give the pilot time to take evasive action. The first medium-range missiles with ARH seekers in War Thunder will be the French MICA, Chinese PL-12, American AIM-120, Russian R-77, Japanese AAM-4, Israeli Derby and South African R-Darter.

One of the carriers of the new class of missiles will be the Su-27SM, the most advanced version of the Su-27 fighter currently in the game. In addition, it will receive TV guided KAB-500Kr and a completely new, destructive one and a half ton KAB-1500Kr, the largest caliber of Russian bombs of this type in the game, as well as Kh-29TD guided missiles. All this is in addition to the already extensive arsenal of the basic Su-27.

Belgian and Dutch aviation will debut in the game as a Benelux branch in the tech tree of neighboring France, increasing the variety of options for players who choose that country. The line starts with the old Gladiator Mk I, which entered combat duty back in the late 30s, and ends with the modern F-16AM Block 15 MLU! There will also be a place here for the French Mirage 5BA, developed for the needs of the Belgian Air Force, as well as the Fokker G.1A, a Dutch-designed aircraft.

New ground-based equipment includes a Canadian modification of the Leopard 2A4 main battle tank with additional composite armor modules, an advanced thermal imager and the ability to install anti-cumulative screens and a masking net, while fans of naval battles will probably be interested in trying the Kondor II – a minesweeper of the GDR fleet, armed with three twin 25 mm autocannons and a FASTA 4M2 launcher with Strela-2M anti-aircraft missiles.

Watch the ‘Seek & Destroy’ Update Trailer HERE.

You can read more about new vehicles and other content of the “Seek & Destroy” update on the official website of the game.