Scramble: Battle of Britain – Flight School, Episode #5 Released

scramble-battle-of-britainSlitherine Games has released the Scramble: Battle of Britain – Flight School, Episode #5 video.

Watch Flight School, Episode #5 “Maneuvers” HERE.

Maneuvering & Aerobatics

Aerobatics is the piloting of aircraft through maneuvers not typical of steady, stable flight. Most dogfighting, even the short and simple bounce out of the sun, involves aggressive maneuvering that falls into the category of aerobatics. Loops, rolls, and stalls, all aerobatic maneuvers themselves, are the building blocks of more complex aerobatics like the Immelman or the Split-S.

A Scramble turn simulates for roughly two and a half seconds. In aerobatic terms, with World War II aircraft, this converts to roughly a quarter of a loop, or a third of a roll. Players will chain these partial maneuvers naturally from turn to turn so every dogfight in Scramble resembles the fanciest airshow routines.

Scramble’s Turn/Climb Assist couples roll and yaw control surface inputs, so one of the easiest maneuvers in Scramble is the barrel roll. With a little “climb” input and a little “turn” input players can initiate barrel rolls to re-engage a target or enter a rolling scissors with a pursuing enemy.

Scramble aerodynamics model sideslip-induced rolls, so yawing in the same direction of roll input will increase roll rate. The coupling of yaw and roll inputs in the Turn/Climb Assist assures all basic rolls in Scramble experience this boosted roll rate. Players using Traditional Aircraft Control, with access to all three axes independently, can command full yaw and roll inputs to one side to induce a maximum roll rate, and coupling these inputs with a heavy pitch input will flip an aircraft in a twist resembling a weak snap roll.

Aerobatic maneuvering in a dogfight is ultimately a means to an end, and graceful loops that wow crowds at airshow routines may not be the optimal tactics with an enemy in pursuit. But when thinking three-moves-ahead and flying clean, efficient aerobatics a player can execute a quarter loop, followed by a vertical climb, with a rudder turn at the apex to hammerhead their guns onto the unsuspecting enemy flailing to line up their shot in the climb.

Stay tuned for more Flight School episodes and exciting news coming soon!