Men of War II Final Beta Weekend Starts on August 10

men-of-war-2Fulqrum Publishing and Ukrainian studio Best Way are happy to announce the Final Beta weekend for the highly-anticipated real-time strategy title Men of War II will begin on Thursday, August 10, and conclude on Monday, August 14. This Final Beta weekend marks the third time fans will have access to the game ahead of the release on September 20th, 2023, via Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital store fronts. It will be available to download for free via the Men of War II Steam page, where players can immediately head to and sign up for access today.

During the open beta, players will be able to experience Men of War II’s Classic Modes, a highly-requested feature from the community, which will take players back to the multiplayer experience of previous Men of War games. Players will be able to simply select which nation they want to play as, and will immediately have access to all that nation’s units in each match. There are no battalions and echelons, with the player calling in their forces based on a combination of each unit’s individual timer, as well as the player’s own pool of resources.

Meanwhile, fans looking for a new experience can check out the Realism Mode, which offers a higher chance of disabling and capturing enemy vehicles, fewer visual cues concerning the visibility and health of their units, a more limited range of fire for weapons and many more gameplay changes.

This Final open Beta is based on community feedback from thousands of players who have already played, tested, and provided their thoughts on the previous two public tests on everything from unit balance to optimization improvements. The version in this Beta will closely mirror the full release experience, with further features, lots of content, and other modes added at launch. The developers will continue to work on polishing and balancing based on fresh player feedback from this Beta. Players’ progress and saves in this open beta test will not carry over to release.

More game information is available on the Men of War II webpage.