Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1941 Announced

panzer-corps-2-axis-operations-1941The world watches as “blitzkrieg” truly begins…

2 years have passed since the start of a war that would see nearly all of Europe in ruins. German ambitions have grown dangerously. High on victory and with only the Balkans to secure, Germany plans to violate its pact with Russia and launch the largest and fastest tank assault in history. Though Russia was tipped off that such an assault was coming, this intel was not acted on. Her armies find themselves caught by surprise and scrambling to defend themselves from the coming onslaught…

Take command of Germany during this time in Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1941. First, secure your flank from Italian failure and take command in the Balkans. Germany took serious losses here and in Crete, which would later be known as “the graveyard of Fallschirmjäger”. Your steady hand could prevent losses here that would hurt German efforts in the future.

Once your flank is secured, launch your assault on Russia. Your mission: Inflict as much damage as possible. Running against the clock, strike hard at grounded aircraft and stranded armed forces. Russia can be given no time to consolidate and strike back, so plan your attacks accordingly…

New features:

  • Construct airports in hostile territory and take command of the skies in situations where traditional airbases are not available.
  • Improved Soviet infantry models for Guards, Paratroopers, Mountain, and Conscripts.
  • New British Cruiser MKII CS artillery tank.
  • Bf-109Z and He-111Z make their debut into the Axis Operations.
  • 20 new missions with scale never before seen in Panzer Corps 2.

Play it your way:

You can carry your veteran core army through the Spanish Civil War, 1939, 1940 and now into Axis Operations: 1941 to create an epic “Grand Campaign”. But, you don’t have to, as you can skip any of the DLC’s or dive into Axis Operations: 1941 directly if you wish. No matter how you choose to enjoy Axis Operations: 1941, the balance will account for your choices.

Beta and Preview:
Want to help us test and polish Axis Operations: 1941? You can join our Beta here.

Fancy sneaking an early peek at Axis Operations: 1941? We’ll have a world first preview of the Axis Operations: 1941 DLC on the 4th of February at 18:30 GMT on twitch. Be sure to follow our Twitch channel if you need a reminder.

Find out more about Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1941 via the games official webpage.