Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch

call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-warBy Wesley Yin-Poole @ Eurogamer

Treyarch has tweaked Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War so players level up weapons faster.

The developer released a patch for the shooter this evening just as Black Ops Cold War’s double XP and double weapon XP event came to a close.

Coming out of last week’s 2XP + 2WXP event, we’ve made some additional tuning changes to global Weapon XP earn rates across the board,” Treyarch said in the patch notes.

Starting today, you’ll now level up your weapons and unlock more attachments faster than the previous standard rate in both MP and Zombies.

Treyarch had tuned progression for the launch of the game so that it took around 1200 kills to max out a weapon – and unlock all of its attachments along the way. I’ve only managed to max out one weapon so far, the AK-47, and that was only possible with the help of Nuketown, the recently-added close quarters map on which you tend to get more kills than any other because it’s so small and plays so fast, in combination with the double XP buff.

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