Order of Battle: Red Storm Announced

order-of-battle-red-stormOrder of Battle: Red Storm, the third chapter of the Soviet DLCs trilogy, has been announced for PC and Mac.

Fight the massive battles between 1943 and 1945 and lead the Red Army to victory.

The campaign begins with the fierce tank battle near Prokhorovka during Operation Citadel, the last grand German summer offensive on the Eastern Front in mid-1943. Following the failure of Citadel the Red Army will almost always be on the offensive.

Like in the previous Soviet DLCs, Red Star and Red Steel, Red Storm includes both famous and crucial battles as well as operations that are less known or limited in scope, but still provide unique challenges. So while the Eastern Front is known mostly for large land battles, a few operations with amphibious and naval elements, like the Kerch-Eltigen landings and the liberation of Crimea, were added.

An optional scenario roughly in the middle of the campaign depicts key aspects of partisan warfare in Byelorussia – winning it offers additional benefits in Operation Bagration, the huge offensive against Army Group Center in the same region a few months later.

The ultimate goal of this campaign is the defeat of the Third Reich in the Battle of Berlin. But Red Storm does not stop there – players can opt for another battle after the fall of Berlin and take their core army to the Far East to defeat Japanese forces in the last major Soviet offensive of World War 2 in Manchuria.

Order of Battle: Red Storm is about to start its Beta. If you are willing to give us a hand in providing your feedback, you can sign up here.