Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Use Real Flight Information to Populate the Air Traffic

microsoft-flight-simulator-2020Source: GURU3D

Interesting feature huh? Right now the skies would be quite empty though. But yea, next to ading real-time weather Microsoft Flight Simulator will use real flight information to simulate real-time air traffic.

This is confirmed by Sebastian Wloch, director of Asobo, in the latest video in the series of new features. The flight information will simulate “most, if not all” of the planes that fly over the world at any time, and when the game is offline, an AI will take over piloting them. Meanwhile, if players activate Live Players mode, the weather will also be simulated based on real-world information. For example, if you fly over Paris in the middle of a storm, that’s because there is indeed a storm in Paris.

Live Players mode will be the main simulation of the game, but there is also the All Players mode, which allows you to control practically everything in the simulation, including weather. The latter will be more attractive for those who only want to fly and enjoy the landscapes of the world without paying much attention to reality.

Watch the new Feature Discovery Series Episode 7: Multiplayer Trailer HERE.