Matrix Games Announces Order of Battle: Red Steel

order-of-battle-red-steelIt is the winter of 1942, and the Red Army is about to turn the tide of World War II.

Order of Battle: Red Steel brings you back to the most pivotal chapter of the war. Take command of the forces of the Soviet Union and push back the Wehrmacht, for the Motherland!

It is the second installment of the “Red” trilogy of DLCs which put you in the shoes (or boots) of generals like Zhukov or Konev. The new campaign starts just when Red Star ended, and those who want can play Red Star and Red Steel in sequence, importing their savegames from one campaign to the next and retaining their core army, unlocked commanders and specializations.

Red Steel has 16 new scenarios. Action begins in January 1942 with Soviet attacks at Staritsa, still not far from Moscow. During the harsh Russian Winter, you will need to remain on the offensive as the German army staggers, until the tide begins to turn again in spring 1942.

Then we make a little detour to the Crimean Front, which offers a somewhat different challenge due to its peculiar geographical features.

In summer 1942 the Wehrmacht launches a new grand summer offensive which finally leads to the crucial battle of Stalingrad. This battle plays a major role in Red Steel, and the various developments related to it are featured in several scenarios from autumn 1942 to January 1943.

In the last stage of the campaign, the Germans recover again with another victory at Kharkov. The final scenario gives the player a glimpse of the Kuban air battles, where Luftwaffe and VVS – the Soviet air force – clashed in intense air combat with massive numbers of aircraft involved over the Kuban region in the Caucasus.

Red Steel also adds new unlockable Commanders as well as new Specializations focused on the Lend-Lease aid program, allowing you to get access to American and British planes, tanks and trucks.

Order of Battle: Red Steel is bound for release in Q1 2020. You can take part in the Beta by applying HERE.