Command: Modern Operations – Discover the Manual

command-modern-operationsCommand: Modern Operations will be the most advanced military-simulator available in the market, taking all the features from its CMANO predecessor and expanding them greatly, both in number and quality.

An indication of this massive leap forward is the over 300 pages Manual, that will constitute the best learning tool for every Commander willingly to rightly manipulate the battlefield.

If you are eager too what to expect in-game, your wait is over. The full Manual is now available as PDF, and – as promised – it covers everything you need to know about CMO!

From introducing the game to newcomers and beginners to detailing the new exalting features and mechanics dreamed by CMANO veterans, this Manual will blow your mind.

You can find the manual at this link (PDF), in the Download section of the Product Page and its Steam page.

IMPORTANT. Due to the great amount of content, the Manual that will be included in the box at release will be a shortened version (210 pages). The full (350 pages) E-Book Manual will be included in the installer or available in the Product Page.