Order of Battle: Red Star Now Available

order-of-battle-red-starMatrix Games today announced that Order of Battle: Red Star, the first expansion of a planned trilogy covering the full extent of WWII from the Soviet point of view, has just been released! Get it now and join the Soviet corps!

Watch the Order of Battle: Red Star Gameplay Trailer HERE.

There’s more! Thanks to a special sale starting today and ending on August 15th, you have the opportunity to get all the previous DLCs of Order Of Battle discounted for 50% off! Get them while you can!

Watch the Order of Battle: Red Star Preview Trailer HERE.

Set in a new theater of war, the new expansion for Order of Battle: World War II puts the player in charge of the Soviet army. Starting with the fight against the Imperial Japan, players will get transferred to Europe in 1939. Red Star covers the battles of the Red Army in the years 1938-41.

The game starts with the Battle of Lake Khasan (July 29, 1938 – August 11, 1938), the attempted military incursion by the Japanese from Manchukuo, into territory claimed by the Soviet Union. It continues with the conflict of Khalkhin Gol, the decisive battle of the undeclared Soviet-Japanese Border War. Repel the Japanese and expel them from Mongolia!

Then, get transferred to Europe and participate in the Soviet invasion of Poland (as result of the so-called non-aggression pact with Germany). and win the Finnish forces moving your steps in the gelid Winter War!

The last stage of the DLC from summer 1941 deals with the German invasion of the USSR and ends with the battle of Moscow in Dec. 1941.

You can purchase Order of Battle: Red Star from the Matrix Games store or via Steam.