Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe The Panzerfaust Update

strategic-command-ww2-war-in-europe-2The third official update of Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe is finally available for download.

After the “Garand” and “Gewehr” updates, we are very proud to release the “Panzerfaust Update”, and there are many reasons to be excited about it.

This Update is truly massive, touching hundreds of game elements, bringing the game to its highest level.

Before proceeding to download the update and to view the changelog, there are two important things to notice.

The first is that all the changes and updates previously released for World at War are now in place for War in Europe as Well. This has been a major effort and we’d like to thank the developer for the constant great support on the game.

The second important element to know is about PBEM. With the Panzerfaust Update current PBEM matches won’t be compatible with the latest version so, if you have important battles going on, our advice is to not update until you have completed the session. You’ll have 3 months to play your multiplayer session after which we would turn off PBEM support for older versions.

If you are playing a Steam version, the update will be moved to a beta branch and you’ll be able to keep playing you sessions in there.

GoG users will have full control over the download choice.

But let’s not waste any time further and jump straight into the Panzerfaust Update! Click here to download it.