The Heatblur DCS: F-14 DLC Takes Off March 13th

dcs-f-14-tomcatHeatblur was founded with the goal to be an absolute leader in the flight simulation space and the F-14 represents another step on our journey to achieve that goal. Over the past few years, we’ve assembled an immensely talented and dedicated team of engineers, physicists and artists to bring our chosen airframes to life. The F-14 represents a generational step forward for Heatblur, one where we not only try to push the bar in an aircraft’s flight modeling, systems or visual representation – but one where we introduce new, novel features into the sim and create entirely new pieces of modular technology that we can leverage in the future.

We’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved so far. With a flight and systems model that has been engineered over the course of several years and carefully vetted through hundreds of combined flight hours by F-14 legends, we lay the foundation for an F-14 simulation that hopes to acknowledge and honor the men and women of the Tomcat community and all of their hard work. Throughout this journey, we’ve been blessed to work with many fantastic people and subject matter experts who have been absolutely invaluable in bringing the aircraft to life. Thanks to all of you!

This will be the beginning of our Tomcat journey. Our sole focus will now become the absolute perfection of our Viggen and Tomcat products through their Early Access periods, as we continue towards release versions of both modules and add new, exciting AI content into the skies of DCS World.

Thank you all for your support over these past years. We can’t wait for this amazing community to finally join us on our Tomcat journey.

See you in the skies on March 13th!

Watch the announcement trailer HERE.