DCS: MiG-19P Farmer by RAZBAM Simulations Now Available

dcs-mig-19p-farmerThe MiG-19P Farmer was designed by the legendary Mikoyan Design Bureau in the Early 1950’s and was the Soviet Union’s first true supersonic interceptor that could exceed Mach 1 in level flight.

Designed to take on enemy fighters and bombers at any time of day or night and in any weather condition, the Farmer was equipped with the RP-5 lzumrud radar in the nose and armed with two NR-30 30mm cannons in the wing roots. The Farmer is also able to carry an array of ground attack weapons that include S-5M rockets and various general-purpose bombs. It is a lethal interceptor with conventional ground attack capabilities.

We are proud to bring you this exciting addition to DCS World. The Farmer is highly-optimized to work within DCS World and takes advantage of its unrivaled combat environment that only Eagle Dynamics can offer.

Watch the launch trailer HERE.

Note: Requires DCS World version 2.5.4 or above!

For more info and to purchase DCS: MiG-19P Farmer, please visit the DCS E-Shop HERE.