Intel and Microsoft Release Final Spectre Patches Up to and Including Sandy Bridge

meltdown-and-spectre-exploitsSource: GURU3D

As Intel finalizes them, Microsoft started distributing Microcode updates for the Spectre variant 2, the updates now have a reach from the latest Coffee Lake processors, Kaby Lake (Core iX-7xxx and iX-8xxxU), Intel Skylake (Core iX-6xxx) up-to-now even Sandy Bridge (Core iX-2xxx).

Put short, these patches will make your PC safer, even without a mandatory firmware update. To be able to retrieve the patches, you must have Windows 10 installed with build 1607/1703 or 1709. If you are on Windows 7 or 8.1, you’ll need to wait until your motherboard manufacturers if and will release a firmware update to patch the vulnerabilities.

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