Far Cry 5 Release Date, Campaign and Gameplay Details

far-cry-5Source: Gaming Intel

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, the upcoming first-person shooter will take players to Hope County, a fictional county in rural Montana that is overrun by a fanatical cult. In this article we will discuss the Far Cry 5 Release Date, Campaign and Gameplay. For further details on The Cult, Vehicles, Guns for Hire and Season Pass, find details on gamingintel.com.

Far Cry 5 Release Date

Far Cry 5 will give players a massive open world to explore, full of realistic NPCs, tons of activities, and an insane cult to dismantle. The game was initially scheduled for a February release, but was delayed to March 27, and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Far Cry 5 Campaign and Gameplay

Along with the new melee ability, Far Cry 5 introduces many new or refined ideas and mechanics into the series.

Most notably is the Resistance Meter. Each region has a unique Resistance Meter that delivers feedback about the player’s effects on that region and its Herald. The more the player disrupts the cult activity in that region, the more the meter will fill. Once that region’s meter reaches its max, the player will have a showdown with the Herald of that region.

Because of the way the Resistance Meter works, Far Cry 5 has a non-linear campaign. This means that whether you’re playing alone or with an ally, the campaign can be played in whatever order you’d like.

And, whenever you feel like taking a break from the campaign, there’s no shortage of ways to spend your time. Hope County is full of recreational activities like hunting, fishing, or wingsuit gliding. The crafting system returns from previous installments and goes hand-in-hand with hunting and fishing.

One of the largest changes to the Far Cry formula is the intel system. Much to my disappointment, climbing to the top of towers is no longer the way of learning new information and unlocking the map. Instead, players will gain intel in a much more organic way, by exploring and talking with people.