Corsair H115i Pro and H150i Pro CPU Coolers Reviewed

corsair-h115i-pro-h150i-pro-cpu-coolersThe right way to mess with success

By Jeff Kampman @ The Tech Report

Corsair has arguably been the company most responsible for ushering in the closed-loop liquid-cooled era of enthusiast PC hardware. The H60, H80, and H100, introduced in 2011, likely marked the crossover point where an all-in-one liquid cooler became an enduring and attainable option for enthusiasts versus a monster tower-style air cooler. The company later expanded its lineup with the H105, H110, and a variety of Corsair Link-compatible i-series versions of those coolers, and it sourced those products from Asetek (in GTX guises) and CoolIT Systems (with the GT tag line) alike. I’ve long used versions of these coolers on my personal systems and test benches alike thanks to their easy-to-use mounting systems, low stress on motherboards, and high performance. In light of that storied history, Corsair’s H115i Pro and H150i Pro coolers have a lot riding on their shoulders. The 280-mm H115i Pro is an evolution of Corsair’s existing H110i GTX, while the H150i Pro is the company’s first 360-mm closed-loop cooler ever.

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