Combat Air Patrol 2 Development Update

combat-air-patrol-2-logoSim155 Ltd. has released some information on the new developments they are currently working on for their flight and naval combat simulator game Combat Air Patrol 2 (CAP2). Here’s the latest:

We are excited about December as we finally start to bring the missions to life!

Current work is focused on all aspects of aircraft AI. This will improve things such as:

  • Dogfights
  • AI aircraft mission integration (taxiing, AI flight member roles)
  • AI airbase traffic
  • AI aircraft weapon deployment (AA & AG)
  • AI awareness of aircraft state (fuel, weapon state, radar, RWR)
  • A2A refueling.

This means for example, in a training mission you might see a tanker takeoff while your flight taxis to the runway. You takeoff, form up and hit training area targets line astern, refuel and return to base. Another example, for the Mach Loop you may be in a flight of four aircraft transiting the loop where you may be lead or following the flight leader.

Live now:

We’ve dropped four patches over the past couple of months and the current version (v810.7) is now live across all branches (including VR).

Head on over to the Combat Air Patrol 2 Steam community hub for full details on the last four patches and to purchase CAP2. Find out more about CAP2 at the games official website.