Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard Review

gigabyte-x399-aorus-gaming-7By Hilbert Hagedoorn @ Guru3D

Recently AMD launched their mega-core Ryzen Threadripper processors and a new chipset to support these heavy duty processors. In this review we take the brilliant Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 for a spin.

Threadripper processors do not only offer many CPU cores and threads, they also offer quad channel memory compatibility as well as 64 PCI-Express Generation 3.0 lanes on the processor alone. That last fact opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities for any motherboard manufacturer, as restrictions are lifted since there is plenty of bandwidth to work with. Well, leave it up-to Gigabyte to design something intricate and tasteful, they designed a motherboard that is going completely off the chart when we talk features. Triple M2 SSDs (full x4 PCie gen 3), a U2 connector, how about eight DIMM channels. You will spot many PCIE connectors, USB 3.1 ports as well as an abundance of storage options.

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