Battlefield 1 Interview

battlefield-1‘Empires fell. Teabags were invented’ – DICE on the brilliant Battlefield 1 – New Videos

By Martin Robinson @ Eurogamer

Battlefield 1, in case you had any doubt, is shaping up to be a fine video game, even if it’s a very familiar one. EA afforded us the chance to play it before the publisher’s E3 showcase, granting a quick 15-minute blast across the new map St. Quentin’s Scar in Battlefield’s trademark Conquest mode, with a full complement of 64 players. It’s a very impressive-looking game, bringing a heightened level of physicality to the series as players burst through doors or seamlessly transition into vehicles, and a new level of destruction as whole villages are levelled through the course of a match.

Following the hands-on, I caught up with Lars Gustavsson, creative director at DICE and a stalwart of the Battlefield series, to find out anything more I could about the new game.

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