Access Granted – Air Missions: HIND

air-missions-hindBy Alex Connolly @ The Wargamer

The Drinking Glass. The Crocodile. The Flying Tank. Whatever you call this iconic Russian gunship, the Mi-24 HIND looms in the imagination as a brutal piece of Cold War engineering. As arresting as it grotesque, Moscow’s answer to the Huey went beyond its role as a robust troop carrier in becoming a bristling carnivore, stalking the Mujahideen during the ill-fated Soviet invasion.

I’m happy to say, bellowing from the rotor wash and feeling Bagram grit collect in my gum line, the chopper love seen in Heliborne continues with Air Missions: HIND. Unlike Jetcat Games’ multi-era celebration of Cold War rotorcraft, the armoured bully is the sole focus of 3DIVISION’s simucade project. On higher difficulty, Air Missions: HIND flies much closer to a Gaijin Entertainment level of control fidelity and feedback, sidling alongside the forgotten Apache Air Assault in laying an acceptable level of realism atop slightly more forgiving flight physics.

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